The Social Impact Career Popup

Learn from some of the world's leading impact innovators & organizations + help support dynamic work at the forefront of migration.
Register to Access the Recordings
Register to Access the Recordings

One June 17th we gathered the world’s most talented innovators and organizations working at the forefront of impact careers. We combined our collective experience, reach, and creativity in a highly interactive & engaging online event with hundreds of professionals and students striving to combine purpose and their career.

The Career Popup had 13 interactive sessions, plus keynotes, plus meetups, networking and 30 exhibitor booths.

While the Popup has ended, for those who still want to access the amazing resources you can still register and get access to all recording to find incredible actionable insights and strategies for advancing a career of impact in a wide range of sectors at the intersection of impact and change. 


  • Learn from leading impact professionals
  • Support organizations doing innovative work with refugees and migrants
  • Learn about the key trends and opportunities in social change and social impact careers
  • Receive tons of resources to help you in your next step of your career

Some key data on the impact of the 2022 Career Impact Popup.
Suggested level of donation for 2022 (the amount & org is up to you).

THE Co-Creater Collaborative

This event was convened by a group of leading social sector organizations and professionals who are shared their collective expertise, passion and energy pro-bono to make this the best event possible including:

Featured Organizations to Support

Apart from helping as many people in advancing careers of impact, a key goal of the Impact Career Popup is to help support innovative orgs at the frontlines of innovation and impact working with migrants and refugees in diverse parts of the globe.

As part of the registration process to access the recordings attendees need to select one of our partner orgs (or you can choose any org you would like to support) and make a donation of $1USD or above (the amount and org is up to 100% up to you). During the registration process, attendees will need to upload proof (a receipt) of the donation made as this will help us track the total support generated from the event as well as for which organizations.

Below are our featured partner orgs.

Exhibiting Organizations

The following social impact organizations had booths at the Career Popup.

How do I register?

To register click here. During the registration process you will enter your name, email, country, current org or employment status + to complete your registration you will need to make a donation of $1 USD & up to one of our partner organizations working on migration or any org of your choice (as part of the process you will be asked to upload a receipt of your donation).

How will access the recording?

Once you register you will receive information to access the recording within the conference page on Airmeet. The link is only for individual personal access and not be shared with others.

How can I see which sessions recordings are accessible?

In total we have 12 of the sessions including workshops and panels that were recorded + two fireside chats. See the full list below. The only session where we had technical problems and our speaker wasn't able to attend was the first fireside chat with Victor Ochen.


Day one
7:00 am est

Stirring up Good Trouble: A Career at the Frontlines of Change

Opening Fireside Chat with Victor Ochen
7:30 am est

Session 1 - The Future of Green Jobs

Interactive Workshop with Koushik Yanamandram & Ashita Mishra
7:30 am est

Session 2- Why every Job should be a Climate Job

Interactive Session with Satyam Vyas & Roshan Paul
7:30 am est

Session 3 - Careers in International Development and Peacebuilding

Interactive Panel with Andrew Russell, Kai Brand-Jacobsen & Katarzyna Przybyla
8:45 am est

Interactive Networking/Visit the Exhibitor Booths

The exhibit booths will be open all day but this is a dedicated time for chatting with exhibitors and networking with peers via Airmeet's platform
9:15 am est

Session 4 - Podcasting 4 Change & Impact Careers

Interactive panel with Paul Zelizer, Valerie Leung, Meryn Willets, Catalina Rojas
9:15 am est

Sesssion 5 - Careers in Innovative Finance

Meghan Stevenson-Krausz, Diana Narvaez, Sahil Patni
9:15 am est

Session 6 - Remote Work & Social Impact Careers

Allwell Akhigbe, Lorraine Charles, Tarek Kholoussy
10:20 am est

Fireside Chat on Climate Jobs in the Nonprofit Sector

with Joanna Messing
11:00 am est

Session 7 Workshop - Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn to Advance a Career of Impact

With Nick Martin
11:00 am est

Session 8 - Careers at the Intersection of Education & Innovation

with Dr. Jennifer Bangoura, Henry May, Dr. Jennifer Swift-Morgan, Karalyn Johnson
11:00 am est

Session 9: Advancing a Career in Glocal Development at the Intersection of Research, Policy & Impact

Panel or workshop to explore the key skills in demand in this rapidly growing sector.
12:15 pm est

Interactive Networking/Visit the Exhibitor Booths

The exhibit booths will be open all day but this is a dedicated time for chatting with exhibitors and networking with peers via Airmeet's platform
12:45 pm est

Session 10: What Impact Employers Want

with Spencer Cambell , Rafa Achondo, Julia Melo, & Brenna Miaira Kutch
12:45 pm est

Session 11 Fellowships & Social Impact Careers

with Vicky Johnson, Balkis Chaabane, Kristen Hecht, Sergio Sanchez & Frederico Meninon
12:45 pm est

Session 12 Careers @ the Intersection of Impact & Innovation

with Samira Khan, Madison Marks, Meeghan Paul
12:45 pm est

Session 13: Careers at the Intersection of Human Rights, Justice & Impact

with Flynn Coleman, Maha Hilal, Sasha Lezhnev
2:00 pm est

Fireside Chat - Keeping Humanity at the Center of Our Work in Challenging Times

with Flynn Coleman
2:45 - 4:00 pm est

Interactive Networking/Visit the Exhibitor Booths

The exhibit booths will be open all day but this is a dedicated time for chatting with exhibitors and networking with peers via Airmeet's platform


Samira Khan
Director @ Microsoft
Satyam Vas
Founder @Arthan & Climate Asia
Dr. Catalina Rojas
Director of Innovation @PCDN.Global
Nick Martin
CEO @TechChange
Joanna Messing
Executive Director @Growald Climate Fund, Climate Philanthropist
Dr. Craig Zelizer
CEO @PCDN.Global
Flynn Coleman
International Human Rights Lawyer, Author
Victor Ochen
A member of Advisory Group to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at United Nations
Madison Marks
Director, Social Innovation Lab @Johns Hopkins University
Allwell Akhigbe
Business Development Specialist
Dr. Jennifer Bangoura
Director of Career Innovation @Nexford University
Henry May
CEO @Coschool
Dr. Maha Hilal
Founder & Executive DirectorFounder & Executive Director @Muslim Counterpublics LabMuslim Counterpublics Lab
Paul Zelizer
Social entrepreneur coach and impact business mentor
Meghan Stevenson-Krausz
Director, Inca Ventures
Balkis Chaabane
Founder & CEO @Leading Impact Institute
Andrew Russell
Senior Expert in Peacebuilding and Organizational Change
Diana Narvaez
Associate @Flourish Ventures
Sahil Patni
Building partnerships and delivering programs for social entrepreneurs @Unreasonable
Spencer Campbell
Expert in Social Impact Recruitment
Rafa Achondo
Co-founder & CEO @Matteria
Dr. Vicki Johnson
Founder & CEO @ProFellow
Mara Tissera Luna
Independent Consultant, Expet in Migration & Child Protection
Dr. Adrianna Salcedo
Professor @University for Peace
Valerie Leung
Insights Advisor @Xyneto & Host/Producer Modern Idealist
Meryn Willetts
Leadership, Innovation and Strategy Consultant + Host @Modern Idealist
Kristen Hecht
Leadership, DEI & Impact Fellowships
Tarek Kholoussy
Founder @Nomads Giving Back! & Nomads Skillshare
Kai Jacobsen
President @Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR)
Lorraine Charles
Co-Founder, @Na'amal-remote work for refugees & Research Associate, U of Cambridge
Meeghan Paul
Director of Impact @Common Good Marketplace
Roshan Paul
Entrepreneur in Residence @Growald Climate Fund | Strategy Advisor | Best-selling Author
Karalyn Johnson
Chief of Staff @Latin American Leadership Academy
Katarzyna A. Przybyla
Head of Strategic Peace and Conflict Studies @Collegium Civitas in Warsaw
Marcus Tan de Bibiana
Peacebuilding & Governance | Peer Learning | Nonprofit Management & Evaluation
Koushik Yanamandram
Climate Asia AVP - OD & Partnerships
Ashita Mishra
Climate Asia, Manager
Sasha Lezhnev
Founding Director @the Grassroots Reconciliation Group + Policy Consultant @The Sentry
Julia Belo
Country Director, Brazil @Amani Institute
Dr. Frederico Menino
Outreach and Selection OfficerOutreach and Selection Officer @Schwarzman Scholars
Brenna Miaira Kutch
Director of Talent, Equity, and Culture, @CIEL
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