E7-S2: On Why She Doesn’t Believe in 5 Year Plans

Summary & Key Takeways

Kristine Sloan on Why I Doesn’t Believe in 5 Year Plans

“Everyone can participate in cultivating the good in our world. This fact is both terrifyingly large and absolutely actionable – and Kristine loves a good action item.  Kristine is the Interim CEO of StartingBloc, an organization and global Fellowship community that believes that the world needs better leadership”. Learn in Episode 7 of the Season 2 of The Social Change Career Podcast how to make the best bio in the world as well as Kristine’s experience with International Development in Africa and her leadership at StartingBloc. Episode 7 of Season 2 is brought to you by The Rotary Peace Fellowship.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Kristine’s large and crazy family
  • She had 5 people she considered to her parents (4 out of 5 are entrepreneurs)
  • Early on she learned that there is no traditional career path
  • On her two undergraduate degrees in Economics and International Affairs
  • How she designed the Masters degree and how this degree serves her now
  • On when is a good time to go to Grad school and why she took a year between undergraduate and Masters
  • How Kristine worked her way through her undergrad and Masters
  • On Kristine’s plan to getting into the job market post Masters
  • How she paid for her field work for her Master’s thesis and resulted co-founding a company in Ghana
  • How she kept working on campus after she graduated from her Masters
  • In early 2014 Ebola hit Africa and the company had to shut-down operations
  • How Kristine found another job in East Africa for All Across Africa Kazi Goods in Burundi and she was mandatory evacuation
  • On her painful transition out of International Development
  • How Kristine took 3 months off, drove an old van around the American West to think of next steps
  • On embracing pain, changes in professional identities and making it through the transition
  • How she identify the problem for her: lack of leadership and that’s how she got to Startingbloc
  • How she got the job at Startingbloc as interim director
  • Kristine’s take on a five year plan and why she doesn’t believe in them
  • She applied from her van, drove to the interview, got the job at Startingbloc and left her 3 month solo trip
  • After 2.5 years working for Startingbloc and how she loves leadership and the mission
  • On working for someone as opposed as creating your own organization
  • Kristine’s take on social entrepreneurship
  • Kristine’s best (not) career advice she has received
  • Kristine’s take on failure
  • 3 things folks need to do to pursue a career on impact according to Kristine
  • Where the van is right now




All Across Africa

Kazi Goods


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