E6S9: How to Build a Global Impact Career with Aditi Pathak

Summary & Key Takeways

If you dream with having a Global Impact Career, take a listen to how Aditi Pathak did it.

Aditi shares key lessons from working on a wide-range of sectors including sustainability, capacity building of educators and students through through her previous work; applied research experience and working on innovative solutions to advance educational opportunities for those from low resource contexts. She also explores paths to advance skills, and how to move from local to national and then global impact.  
Aiditi is a learning experience specialist with 15+ years of international experience in research and program management. Thematically, most of her work has been in the field of education with a focus on ESD (Education for Sustainable Development), GCE (Global Citizenship Education), SEL (Social & Emotional Learning), educations for refugees and migrants and Digital learning. Apart from education, she has also worked on livelihood generation and public health with expertise in designing research studies, awareness and outreach programmes, leading and delivering teacher and student training workshops (online and offline), developing programme communication strategies, establishing monitoring & evaluation processes, and partnership building.

Since 2015, she has been actively working in the field of Virtual Exchange and have successfully reached out to students and teachers from across the globe. Through her work she has been promoting the values of collaboration, perspective-taking, intercultural understanding and active citizenship- essential SE ( Social and Emotional) and Global Citizenship skills and impacted students in 10 countries.

Her research has been at the intersectionality of intercultural competence, Social and Emotional Learning and Global Citizenship understanding student perception and attitude on key global issues. To scale up her work, technology has been a great enabler and she has been working towards creating innovative online courses on some of the above-mentioned themes. She is currently working on increasing educational access for migrants and refugees in low-resource contexts.

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