E13S12 Social Impact In Retail With Nick Manderfield

Summary & Key Takeways

Are you eager to learn how retail can be a powerful vehicle for social impact?

In this week's episode of the Social Change Career Podcast, we dive into a fascinating discussion with Nicolas Manderfield, the innovator behind Reincorporated NFP. Join us as host Dr. Craig Zelizer explores Nicolas's journey from the food industry to creating impactful retail solutions. Discover how the drive to make a difference can sometimes mean taking the plunge, leaving a stable career, and embracing the unknown in pursuit of impact.

Why Take a Listen?

Retail with a Conscience: Learn how Nicolas is making impact by combining savvy business acumen with a heartfelt mission to support education, healthcare, and sanitation programs. He and his team are leveraging profits from unique product sales in the U.S. and Colombia which are invested to uplift communities in Casa Embera that aids children, pregnant mothers, and adult learners.

Transitioning to Transformation: Nicolas shares how he shifted his career from the high-pressure environment of the food industry to socially responsible entrepreneurship. From pivoting his business during the pandemic to distributing over 80 tons of food in Colombia, understand the agility and resilience required to transform operational challenges into impactful opportunities.

Skills, Sustainability & Social Change: One of the core skills of building impact is importance of adaptability, developing multifaceted skill sets, and tireless determination in driving social change. Nicolas spotlights the trend towards sustainable products that are environmentally friendly and champions human dignity. He discusses the nuances of ethical production and the emergence of career paths connecting retail to positive impact.

Bio Nicholas oversees Reincorporated NFP, a nonprofit retail website championing six unique global initiatives, including the Embera Bead Project in Colombia. This project supports the displaced Embera Indigenous community, directing funds towards Casa Embera for educational support, medical campaigns, and fair wage trade workshops. His work during the pandemic, which resulted in the donation of over 80 tons of food, underscores his commitment to making a tangible difference in communities in need. Through innovative retail strategies, Nicholas illustrates the profound impact of integrating business practices with a passion for social change.

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