E10S10 Accelerate Change Everywhere You Go with Joan Marie Godoy

Summary & Key Takeways

How to accelerate change everywhere you go? In Episode 10 of Season 10 , Joan Marie Godoy, founder of Radical Partners, shares her rich experience and actionable insights from an innovative and diverse career in the impact sector.

From her beginnings studying clinical psychology to working with the UN on women's economic empowerment in Guatemala, Godoy eventually ended up co-founding and serving as the CEO of Radical Partners, a hybrid organization with two revenue streams, grants and consulting services.

She discusses the challenges of balancing leadership and self-care while running a hybrid organization and shares insights from her involvement in movements such as Fuck Up Nights - Miami, and the Ten Days of Connection initiative in Miami and beyond.

Godoy emphasizes the importance of knowing your career goals, keeping focused on next steps and impact, while having a clear call to action to mobilize people to join your cause.

Topics covered in the podcast episode:

- Career Trajectory

- Radical Partners Overview

- Challenges of a Hybrid Organization

- "Fuck Up Nights" and the Failure Institute

- Open Hiring Movement

- Tools for Executing and Organizing Vision

- The Ten Days of Connection Initiative

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Joan is a powerful and resourceful connector by nature, all about accelerating social impact ;). Proud to own and run Radical Partners, a Miami-based social impact accelerator that invests in leaders, engages locals, co-designs solutions, and builds coalitions to strengthen communities. Joan spends her life promoting opportunities and elevating the voices of others, through leadership and community engagement programs (like the 10 Days of Connection), strategic consulting, coaching, trainings, and coalitions that ignite and accelerate change.

She's also one of the co-founders of the Fuckup Nights Movement in Miami, a board member for The Women's Fund of Miami-Dade, a proud alumni of the Global Shapers Community, and an idealist by choice. How did she get here you ask? She's a Clinical Psychologist, with a master degree in International NGOs, and 15+ years of intercultural and international work experience in social impact (Guatemala, The Netherlands, Costa Rica, Chile and the United States). 

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