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SuccessCast #13: Craig Zelizer on Digital Nomadism, Future of Work

Craig Zelizer

March 19, 2020

Recently I was interviewed for the SuccessCast WebSeries  on the Digital Nomadism & Future of Work

Below is the recording and show notes. Here is also the link to the Recording

To see other episodes in the series click here.

Special Thanks to Gerrit Hall , the founder of RezScore for conducting the interview.


Watch our interview with Craig Zelizer, former Georgetown professor and founder of PCDN https://pcdn.global/.

Recorded before the CoronaVirus outbreak, much of the conversation on Future of Work aged very well. - 2:17

What factors caused the boom in Medellin? - 6:50

How has PCDN's mission evolved - 9:00

Non-profits vs. Social Enterprises - 12:15

Best practices for grant applications - 15:25

Exploration and visioning about the future of work - 19:59

"The average millennial could easily have 8 - 14 jobs in their lifetime" - 25:20

Talent Stacking - 26:07

Digital Nomadism/Telework: Replicating in-person effects in distributed environment - 35:10 Work Life Balance - 36:55

Lightning Round: Nuclear Armageddon, Networking, Resolutions, Curiosity - 40:50 "Challenge yourself to go outside your network"

Reading List: - A Human Algorithm, by Flynn Coleman (https://www.amazon.com/Human-Algorith...) –

Your Money or Your Life (https://www.amazon.com/Your-Money-Lif...)

 Links: -

Nomad list Fire Calculator: https://nomadlist.com/fire -

The Fire Movement: https://playingwithfire.co/ -

Jay Shetty: https://jayshetty.me/ -

Blog Post: https://blog.rezscore.com/successcast...


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