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The Edge of Crisis: COVID-19’s Impact on Peacebuilding & Measures to Stabilize the Field

PCDN Global

June 18, 2020

5-22-2020| Jessica Baumgardner-Zuzik, Shaziya DeYoung, and Uzra Zeya

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COVID-19 is much more than a public health emergency. It is essentially “stabilization in reverse,” upending economies and societies, fueling division and distrust of government, and exacerbating drivers of violent conflict globally, especially in fragile and conflict-affected states. And yet, at a moment when peacebuilding is needed most, we are facing a potential systemic loss in peacebuilding capacity globally due to the disruptions wrought by the ongoing global pandemic.

This report highlights findings from April 29-May 11, 2020 survey responses of 60 AfP member CEOs, representing peacebuilding organizations across the globe. The results point to existential threats to peacebuilding efforts posed by COVID-19. Findings were further analyzed across small-scale (69%), medium-scale (14%), and large-scale (17%) organizations within participating respondents.

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