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Podcast 7: Refugees and Migration in East Africa

Episode 7 Displacement has become a common feature of life in East Africa over the past decade, leading to a wide range of creative solutions, according to Caroline Njuki, senior program coordinator at the Intergovernmental Authority on Development’s regional secretariat on forced displacement and mixed migration. Until the election violence of 2007, Njuki says, her

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Podcast 6: South Sudan – Carnegie Corporation of New York

Episode 6 – South Sudan As Africa’s newest state, South Sudan was meant to be an example of what cooperation between the international community and African political actors could achieve. According to the African experts interviewed in this sixth episode of the Peacebuilders podcast series, South Sudan’s devastating descent into civil conflict has instead transformed

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Ep. 013: Harrison Owen: Opening Space for Peace and High Performance

In this episode, Susan interviews Harrison Owen the celebrated creator of Open Space Technology which was “channeled” through him, he claims, because of the presence of good gin as well as past inspirations from a village where he lived in West Africa that handled differences by sitting in a simple circle. Open Space has been

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Peacebuilders Podcast – Episode 4: The African Union

Peacebuilders, a podcast by Carnegie Corporation of New York, features nine episodes from East Africa. Topics focus on everything from South Sudan to militarization to refugees and immigration. Episodes are released on AllAfrica weekly on Tuesday mornings (East African Time). The interviewers are Aaron Stanley, a program assistant with the Carnegie Corporation’s International Peace and Security program, and Scott

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Joe Washington: Reflections on 10 Years in South Sudan with the United Nations

Reflections on ten years with the #UnitedNations in #Sudan. Check out Joe Washington’s personal account on the latest episode of the Peacebuilding Podcast @ThePBPodcast The United Nations is a polarising institution. Some people look to the UN as a trusted expert and moral voice concerning issues related to the environment, development and poverty alleviation, human

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Interview with PCDN Founder Craig Zelizer on How to Create An Online Community Based Business

Craig Zelizer is the CEO and founder of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN), a vibrant online hub for professionals, organizations and students in the fields of social change, peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship, and social development. Craig is a college professor turned entrepreneur. He started PCDN as a hobby in 2007. It became such a popular online

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Ep 8, S 2 of The Peacebuilding Podcast, “Bearing Witness” with Elizabeth Rabia Roberts

Dear Colleagues and Friends, I just came back from my biannual trip delivering a seminar in international negotiations to NASA (the U.S. space agency) and their international space partners. The two basic strategies in negotiation are competitive and collaborative and, for the most part in this workshop, I recommend the latter. Where people need to build strong relationships (like

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