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Call for Applications, The Audacious Project is an invitation to dream bigger than you ever dared.

Craig Zelizer

May 31, 2018

Submission criteria

The Audacious Project is an invitation to dream bigger than you ever dared. No idea is to too big or too ambitious. But before you apply, please review whether your submission fulfills the following criteria for consideration:

  • You are applying on behalf of yourself and/or your organization
  • The idea you are sharing belongs to you and is unique in its field
  • You have, or are closely affiliated with, an existing organization that will help you execute your idea
  • You have already demonstrated impact in this area
  • Your idea is ready for action, and you could begin working towards your goal within the first year of funding
  • You have recorded a video that outlines your idea and have uploaded it to a place where it can be easily viewed
  • Your idea is big, and will inspire gasps and goosebumps in a short TED Talk

Submit your idea for consideration

Application Timeline

Applicants for The Audacious Project will be considered and informed of their status on a rolling basis throughout the application period. The application is short, so we strongly encourage that you apply at your earliest convenience. Applicants moving on to the second round will be given an extended application and four weeks to complete it. Our short list will be notified in summer 2018; semifinalists in mid-September. And the world will learn about our next round of ideas at the TED Conference in 2019.

  1. Applications Open
    April 11
  2. Applications Close
    June 10
  3. Short List Notified
    July 31
  4. Semifinalists Notified
    September 17
  5. Finalists Notified


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