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Building a Career in Human Rights: Challenges & Opportunities in the 21st Century 

Craig Zelizer

August 5, 2020

At PCDN we were planning on launching a group career coaching option to help even more people advance careers of impact.

Then, COVID-19 happened. So here is the deal: We are opening four decades of  expertise and to help you. Once a week. For free.

Join us via every week via Zoom for a highly interactive session and come with any questions, your challenges, or favorite tips on building a career of social impact. We will do our best to guide you in this time of crisis.

When: We will be online at Noon Eastern Standard time every Thursday for the foreseeable future as long as there is interest from our community. You only need to register once to participate (see below for a full Questions & Answers on this initiative.)

Focus of the Sessions: Most weeks we will pick a theme based on the feedback from our community, but we will welcome a broad range of questions. For our Session on Thursday August 20th at 12 pm EST Osai Ojigho will be our guest on the topic Building a Human Rights Career in the 21st Century.  Osai (full bio below) has over 15 years working on human rights, legal reform, justice and victims’ rights in Africa. She currently is the Country Director for Nigeria,  Amnesty International.

This will be a very interactive session where Osai will discuss the pathways to building a career in human rights for professionals based in the Global South, how human rights careers and the wider field are changing with an onset of authorianism and technological surveillance around the world and the challenges to sustaining one’s work in this challenging sector. She will also share many key insights directly from her work on some of the world’s most challenging contexts.



Ms. Osai Ojigho is a lawyer, gender equality advocate and human rights expert with a special interest in the African Human Rights system. Currently, the Country Director of Amnesty International Nigeria. Prior to joining Amnesty International, she served in various roles with Oxfam including as interim Pan Africa Director of Oxfam GB’s Pan African Programme. She was the Coalition Coordinator for the SOTU (State of the Union) Coalition, a human rights observer to the African Union Mission to Mali and the Sahel and Deputy Executive Director of Alliances for Africa. She is well travelled and widely published, contributing to various publications including the Commonwealth Law Journal, The AU ECHO (Newsletter of the African Union Commission), ThisDay Newspapers, The East African and Agenda. She is a member of the Association of Women in Development (AWID), the West African Women Elections Observation (WAWEO) team, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and a life member of the Pan African Lawyers Union (PALU). She is also a consulting editor with Open Global Rights and a mentor to Mandela Washington Fellows. She sits on the Global Advisory Council of Institute For African Women In Law (IAWL). She holds a Law degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Masters’ in Law degree from the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Twitter: @livingtruely


Why is PCDN doing this?  Because we are dedicated to helping changemakers at all stages access the tools, resources and information to advance careers of impact. Plus, PCDN.global was created to help as many people as possible around the globe and we're even more committed to service this trying period.

How do I sign up? Register here . Once your registration has been approved, you will receive information on how to participate.

How do I participate? Each week we will be on Zoom  Participants will receive information via email about how to login. You will either need to download Zoom on your computer, tablet/smartphone (we recommend using the app to be able to have a more engaging experience) or you can call in via phone via the numbers provided.

Is there any cost to participating? No, to help as many people as possible it is free.

Can I participate when I want? Yes, all you need to do is register. Then you can join in whenever you have time. These are designed to be dropped in chats.

How can I ensure my questions are addressed? While we will make an effort to address as many questions as possible, we cannot guarantee we will be able to get to everyone. Questions can be posted at anytime in the Social Change Career Helping Line or free to drop us an email at info(at)pcdn.global

Where else can I go for help? PCDN offers a number of ways we help our community for free including

  • We highly recommend joining our free Social Change Career Helping Line. This is the world's first free, peer and expert sourced space for building careers of impact. Members (to date we have 3600 members from over 140 countries) can get support and share their own insights 24/7.
  • We also produce the Social Change Career Podcast featuring some of the world's leading changemakers & innovators who share their journeys to building a career of impact. We cover diverse sectors from peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship, tech and social change, impact investing, humanitarian relief, startups and more. Each episode includes in-depth actionable advice for changemakers.
  • Subscribe to our newsletters and get the world's best curated content (including jobs, fellowships, funding, events, news & inspiration) connected to the SDGs and all things impact) in your inbox.
  • Read our Career Series. We have hundreds of posts on building a Career of Impact that you can access for free (and we continue to add more content).
  • Check out our Opportunity Board Find jobs, fellowships, internships, funding, trainings, events and more in nearly every corner of the world.


What happens if I need more support in my career journey? We do offer very affordable career coaching that includes customized one-on-one coaching to help you get from passion to hired. We are uniquely qualified as we have over four decades of combined experience in the social sector, have conducted groundbreaking published research on building careers of impact, have built NGOs, social enterprises, worked & consulted at leading academic institutions, NGOs and conducted programming, evaluation and impact work in multiple sectors.  We've also hired many people, mentored hundreds of people around the globe, and also had successes and of course some real failures (quitting jobs, working for organizations that run out of funding and more). We have a 20% discount on our career services during the covid-19 epidemic. If you have questions get in touch or setup a free 15 minute exploratory chat.

Will sessions be recorded/viewable later?

We are recording many of the sessions to be viewable later (we will let people know prior to each session if it will be recorded).  If you have a sensitive question that you would like us to raise in the session anonymously drop us an email with your request at info(at)pcdn.global.

What are you doing to help ensure the security/privacy of participants?

To help ensure security we are having people register and provide some basic info prior to the session.  Only those who have registered can participate. If you have a sensitive question that you would like us to raise in the session anonymously drop us an email with your request at info(at)pcdn.global


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