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Build a better future with the Edinburgh Futures Institute

Craig Zelizer

November 13, 2023

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Build a better future with the Edinburgh Futures Institute

Graduate ready to create change in the world

Passionate about changing the world? Ready to challenge the status quo and make an impact? By studying with the Edinburgh Futures Institute you will equip yourself with a postgraduate degree that will support your career and help you build a better future. 

Knowledge and skills for global challenges

Our programmes are focused on helping graduates build careers that can rise to the challenges faced by an increasingly complex and globally connected world. All our programmes address big issues facing society. Our cluster of programmes in sustainability for example, includes: Circular Economy, Planetary Health, Sustainable Lands and Cites, and the newly launched Future Infrastructure, Sustainability and Climate Change programme.

These programmes are for those who want to tackle the climate crisis, investigate the forefront of public and planetary health, address our future infrastructure and urban planning needs, or explore sustainable business ideas, guided by our cross disciplinary expertise.

MSc Planetary Health

Understand and design solutions for global crises at the intersection of the future health and wellbeing of people and our planet. With a strong focus on engaging governments, finance and industry, and in designing policies with action-oriented and context-sensitive solutions.

Find out more about MSc Planetary Health

MSc Future Infrastructure, Sustainability and Climate Change

Gain skills and develop knowledge of our future infrastructure challenges and climate related adaptation and resilience requirements in order to influence and shape future infrastructure needs, policy, investments, planning, societal and environmental benefits.

Find out more about MSc Future Infrastructure, Sustainability and Climate Change

MSc Sustainable Lands and Cities

Develop the skills needed to influence and create resilient and sustainable relationships between lands and cities. Explore rural and urban environments, harness practices of smart growth, understand planetary boundaries and opportunities for justice and equity.

Find out more about MSc Sustainable Lands and Cities

MSc Circular Economy

Gain skills and develop knowledge of circular economy in order to support communities, businesses, and policymakers to create a more sustainable and equitable future. Explore your own circular business ideas through course work and the final project.

Find out more about MSc Circular Economy

Valued by employers

By the time students leave the Edinburgh Futures Institute they will experience working with other students, academics and employers from different disciplinary areas and sectors.

“Graduates will have been introduced to broad networks of people. Working in partnership is integral to each course. We work really closely with partner organisations in industry, community and government, so our students can have access to those networks by the time they graduate,” says Professor Sian Bayne, Director of Education at the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI).

“They will have developed the kind of confidence to take real risks with the way they approach problems but to take those risks responsibly. For example, we’re teaching students how to use and understand data-driven decision-making and inquiry but we’re also teaching students about the ethical and social implications of such methods. The impact of data on society is a significant and a profound challenge that we need to address sensitively and from an informed position.”

Learning at the Edinburgh Futures Institute

Our focus is on learning across many disciplinary perspectives, and our programmes are taught by academic experts from different subject areas. Teaching and research that addresses complex global and social challenges is at the heart of our programmes. As a student, you will develop creative, critical and data-informed thinking that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Connect with communities, businesses, and organisations as you dive into issues linked to your own passions and professional goals. You will:

  • acquire knowledge and skills independently and at a high level
  • work analytically and according to interdisciplinary, impact oriented methods
  • co-create with businesses and communities to solve challenging problems
  • develop your abilities with teamwork and communication skills
  • graduate well prepared for today’s labour market

Join us as we challenge, create and make change happen.

Find out more information on application, fees and entry requirements, please visit our website.

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