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Build a better future with a postgraduate degree from the Edinburgh Futures Institute

Craig Zelizer

May 2, 2022

Graduate ready to create change in the world

Passionate about changing the world? Ready to challenge the status quo and make an impact? By studying with the Edinburgh Futures Institute you will equip yourself with a postgraduate degree that will support your career and help you build a better future. 

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Inequality and exclusion lie at the heart of many of the most complex problems that societies face today. This programme will help you learn to identify and address them through a collaborative approach that explores the causes and consequences of inequalities in societies around the world. With flexibility and choice in the way you study, you will develop advanced knowledge of how data practices can exacerbate inequalities but also support projects and policies of inclusion.

Get ready to enter the job market as a ‘translator’ between data scientists and people operating at strategic or operational levels. You will graduate ready for roles with real social impact – in advocacy, governance, digital engagement, administration, development, capacity and network building, innovation and more.

Find out more about the MSc Data, Inequality and Society programme

MSc Future Governance

Technology and data are transforming governance across the globe. How we apply ethical and innovative uses of data and technology to society’s most pressing challenges is key to how we govern and change our future world. This MSc programme explores and analyses the challenges and opportunities that big data brings to the future of democracy.

This is a unique, interdisciplinary programme that brings together excellence from across the University of Edinburgh and offers an innovative and flexible approach to study. You will develop advanced thinking in governance and policy-making for the future and graduate ready to drive positive change. This degree will be relevant to careers in policy, international and community development and engagement, politics, advocacy and activism, consultancy and systems planning and management, and the digital transformation of services.

Find out more about the MSc Future Governance programme

Services – and how they are designed and managed across public and private sectors – are vital to the future of economies and societies across the globe. This innovative programme integrates service management and service design in the context of a data-driven society. Designed and taught by experts from management, design and data-related fields, it is for those who are building careers in service-related areas across different professions and sectors.

We cannot design services without understanding how they are to be delivered and managed, and we cannot manage services without understanding how and why they have been designed. Working from this perspective you will develop engaged and critical understanding of service management and service design that will underpin career development in a wide range of roles from development and engagement to network and ecosystem building.

Find out more about the MSc Service Management and Design programme

Building a career in social change

The Edinburgh Futures Institute MSc programmes teach data and higher-order skills that we know are important for the future of work, for confident and critical citizenship, and a thriving, just society.

Graduates from our programmes are equipped with a range of skills and knowledge that support career development and change making. From a solid understanding of data-driven decision-making; to the analytic, research and creative skills needed to approach challenges in new, robust and data-informed ways.


Valued by employers

By the time students leave the Edinburgh Futures Institute they will experience working with other students, academics and employers from different disciplinary areas and sectors.

Graduates will have been introduced to broad networks of people. Working in partnership is integral to each course. We work really closely with partner organisations in industry, community and government, so our students can have access to those networks by the time they graduate,” says Professor Sian Bayne, Director of Education at the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI).

They will have developed the kind of confidence to take real risks with the way they approach problems but to take those risks responsibly. For example, we’re teaching students how to use and understand data-driven decision-making and inquiry but we’re also teaching students about the ethical and social implications of such methods. The impact of data on society is a significant and a profound challenge that we need to address sensitively and from an informed position.”

Flexible study and a supportive community

With our innovative approaches to study and flexible ways into being a student, we are opening up education in new ways. You can choose to study online or on-campus, or to move between the two. You will focus on issues you care about, and learn within a community formed from many disciplines, backgrounds and cultures.

We welcome you to join us to create a group of creative, curious, and committed individuals from a wide range of backgrounds who are impatient to share, challenge, and design ideas and projects with a passionate team of practitioners and academics.

Find out more about the Edinburgh Futures Institute’s new postgraduate programmes.

Learning at the Edinburgh Futures Institute

Our focus is on learning across many disciplinary perspectives, and our programmes are taught by academic experts from different subject areas. Teaching and research that addresses complex global and social challenges is at the heart of our programmes. As a student, you will develop creative, critical and data-informed thinking that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Connect with communities, businesses, and organisations as you dive into issues linked to your own passions and professional goals. You will:

  • acquire knowledge and skills independently and at a high level
  • work analytically and according to interdisciplinary, impact oriented methods
  • co-create with businesses and communities to solve challenging problems
  • develop your abilities with teamwork and communication skills
  • graduate well prepared for today’s labour market

Join us as we challenge, create and make change happen.

Find out more information on application, fees and entry requirements, please visit our website

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