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Balancing Act: Navigating a Career in Technology, Mindfulness, and Social Impact

Craig Zelizer

March 20, 2024

Join us for our upcoming Social Change Career Podcast Livestream with Vanessa Ferlaino, a leading innovator whose career spans the realms of technology, mindfulness, and activism. With a background that includes leading roles in gene therapy, biotech investment, and mindfulness meditation, Vanessa is a powerful example of how diverse interests can converge to create impactful careers.

Why Join Us:

  • Insights from a Versatile Leader: Vanessa's journey from tech executive to mindfulness guide and activist offers valuable lessons on building a career that bridges multiple passions for societal benefit.
  • Integrating Mindfulness into Tech and Social Impact: Learn how Vanessa has woven mindfulness practices into her technology and activism work, offering a model for holistic, impactful career paths.
  • Career Strategies for Tech and Impact: Gain insights into how you can leverage technology and mindfulness to address global challenges such as environmental sustainability, gender-based violence, and support for indigenous communities.
  • Live Interaction: The Q&A segment will allow you to connect directly with Vanessa, asking questions that delve into the specifics of combining tech, mindfulness, and activism in one's career.
  • Inspiration for Multifaceted Career Paths: Vanessa's story demonstrates that it's possible to have a rich, multifaceted career that makes a difference. Be inspired to explore how your diverse interests can intersect to forge a unique and impactful career.

When: April 2nd at 12 PM EST

How to Attend: Make sure to tune in live on LinkedIn & YouTube. If you can't watch live, catch the recording on our YouTube Channel or listen to the episode on PCDN or your favorite podcast platform. Also, check out the 130+ other episodes available for more inspiration and insights into social change careers.

Why PCDN is Doing This: PCDN is dedicated to fostering conversations that inspire and equip social impact professionals with the knowledge and tools needed for impactful careers. Our mission is to empower you to pursue paths that make a difference.


With over a decade of experience in innovation & investing, Vanessa has created unique opportunities for accredited, institutional, and non-accredited investors dedicated to social & community impact. Career highlights include raising 775K in 36 hrs through an award-winning enterprise platform; and 100K in 3 months for a community-driven impact fund in purpose-driven ventures in Atlantic Canada. Outside of her trailblazing work in democratizing investment, Vanessa uses her artistry to reconnect communities with humanity. She is a multi-award-winning author; host of The Human Challenge, an Amazon Music x ACAST “Indie Podcast Amplifier 2023”; and certified 200-hr meditation teacher on Insight Timer. Vanessa offers a mindful approach to community building, combining mindfulness and arts/culture through The Being Human Foundation and 8 Billion Voices. Vanessa's graceful nature is an asset to society and humanity, serving as a reminder that through our softness we can be embodied in our leadership. She has been featured in national and international news outlets, including CTV, CityNews, and Times Square Billboard in January 2023. 

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