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Attention: It’s Not The Mirror, But Your Reflection!

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February 12, 2018

People are wondering why things aren’t going in their life as they want? Why the things they don’t want to be happening are always happening? and what should we do if it frequently happens?

Well, let me remind you that the outside world is always the reflection of the inside world, and If you still haven’t read my previous blog, which is titled “ Is The World Your Reflection” I do recommend you to read it first, here is the link:

The outside world is the world that you can sense it. It’s the common sense world, that you as a human being can see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, and touch it. In fact, it’s called the material world. While the inside world is the inner self, which is very crucial and includes intentions, feelings, intuition, the system of values and beliefs, thoughts, past experiences, memories, imaginations, and vibrations. So what lies inside the self is always matching with what’s happening in the outside world, and it’s not necessarily momentarily. In other words, the outside world is a result of the cultivation of what inside the self. We cultivate the inside as a form of energy (vibrations) and then it gets reflected in the outside world as a form of results.

If things are going in your life as you don’t wish to be happening, then you have to realize first, that it’s just a reflection of your own vibrations, and the outside world is merely a mirror! So all that you need to do is to change the inside. For example, when you look at the mirror you don’t see your self, but you see the reflection of your self, it’s just a reflection of what it’s seen. Most of the people are struggling to change the mirror, but nothing changes because the mirror has just a function of reflecting. instead, change your self to look like what you would look like in the mirror. Remember the fact that what you always receive, is the essence of what you are giving.

Real change is always within, and as one of my great teacher Dr. Stephen Covey said: “change starts from the inside-out”. It’s the only approach that empowers you to create the reality you want, not the reality that you are trapped in!

So Now, let me draw your attention again to a significant matter, which is: changing inside doesn’t immediately changing the outside, the reflection of the outside isn’t instantly happening at the moment, but it’s a cultivated energy due to making changes inside, it might happen immediately, but almost it doesn’t. It’s the same as when you want to play a video on YouTube for example, while having a slow internet connection the video playback will stream slow, because of buffering. So you are going to watch the video after a while. There will be a time between the play and download. Similarly, change doesn’t mean to achieve the goal right now, but it undoubtedly keeps you on the track to reach the goal sooner or later. Coming into alignment with what you want requires buffering ( a matter of time).

In conclusion, only those who feel responsible, who give up the idea of changing the world, they adopt the belief of changing themselves, as they believe the outside world is no more than a reflection of them, consequently, they can transform their own world. So deep inside your self, you can check the quality of the thoughts you think most of the time, the feelings you feel, and the system of beliefs you have. By doing so you become more aware that what’s happening to your life is not your mirror, but of course, your reflection, which identifies who you really are without any sort of masking, or social makeup!                                                 

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