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A Useful Governance Indicator Guide

Craig Zelizer

August 12, 2018

Governance Indicator Guide

The Governance of Forests Initiative Indicator Framework goes far beyond just issues of forestry.  It provides practical step-by-step guidance on how to develop indicators on a wide range of governance issues, many of them directly related to conflict resolution, peace and development.

Indicator Examples

Produced by the World Resources Institute, this guide provides examples of hundreds of indicators on issues such as Forest Ownership, Land Use Rights, Dispute Resolution, Environmental Monitoring, Transparency, Judicial and Executive Branch monitoring and many others.  

Templates for data collection and reporting

More important, it provides advice on how to adapt standard indicators to specific local conditions, and provides a number of templates and guides on how users can explain and document the validity of indicators for their specific issues and problems, and how to use the indicators for planning and reporting.

This indicator guide, with the wide range of examples, templates and explanations can be useful in developing and using governance and human rights indicators in a wide range of situations.

A full review, download links and a list of indicators can be found at the Results-Based Management Websites Review.

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