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A Flipped Global Approach - Why Location Matters

Craig Zelizer

November 3, 2017

For too long in the social sector, ideas have flowed from advanced economies to the rest of the world. And yet, there is probably more that emerging economies can learn from each other than they can learn from richer countries. I strongly believe in the importance of collaboration across the developing world.

What I also believe is that we can all learn a ton about social innovation from emerging markets. Having worked for the last five years with Amani Institute's Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Social Innovation Management in cities like Nairobi and Sao Paulo I am convinced that we need to not only change our maps but start taking world-class education to where the world is changing most rapidly.

And while the majority of our Fellows come from the global South I feel that more professionals from the North would benefit of getting a new perspective, learn to navigate different cultures and understand first-hand about how our most pressing challenges are all global in nature. That's why I love Amani's 'Flipped Global Approach' to the world. 

Having a network that spans the globe is a highly desired asset for anyone - but deeply understanding divergent perspectives on our world and finding inspiration in unlikely settings is what I see as the real value add for professionals who want to build a better world.

If you are curious about the work Amani Institute is doing to develop professionals who create social impact please feel free to get directly in touch with me. I'm passionate about connecting ideas, people and initiatives: [email protected]

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