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New Report on Public Support for Peacebuilding

Craig Zelizer

September 21, 2017

Public Support for Peacebuilding

September 21, 2017
Type: AfP News, Peacebuilding News | Tags: Narratives for Peace | Location: Europe, North America

In June and July 2017, Conciliation Resources and the Alliance for Peacebuilding conducted the first ever national surveys of public attitudes in the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany towards peacebuilding and dialogue with armed groups.

The survey offered the opportunity to compare and contrast public views at a time of shifting geopolitics and multiple security challenges. The results show a striking level of consensus, with widespread understanding of and support for peacebuilding in each country, and strong support for dialogue with groups who use armed violence, in order to further peace.

Read the full report.

See the infographic.


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