PCDN Webinars and Career Chat

Key Tips to Build a High-Impact Career that combines Purpose and Profit

She will discuss what are the skills in advancing a career that puts people, the planet and profit on equal footing.

Advancing a Career of Impact in Challenging Contexts: A Journey along the path

Hope will share his deep experience working on peace, humanitarian and conflict issues in some of the world’s most challenging contexts. 

Key insights to develop a high-impact cross-sectoral career in the social sector

In this session Prerna will share her rich experience building a high-impact career across diverse sectors. 

Key tips for advancing a peacebuilding career at the UN and beyond: pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone

In his session Bautista will share his rich experience building a high-impact career in the global peacebuilding field.

Building a High-Impact Career: Leadership Tips on Advancing Your Career Within Your Organization

Abby  will share her experience working at the forefront of building resilient and high-performing organizations and social impact ecosystems.

Craft your impact career: skills, competencies and other learnings from taking a lead as a student change agent

Sophie will share insights for how students can best leverage their experience to build relevant skills, advance their networks & engage in sustainability.