PCDN Webinars and Career Chat

  • October 1 at 12 pm EST

Follow your purpose and leverage your networks

Elsa will provide actionable tips for professionals and students to use the positive power of social media and key networks to advance of one’s careers & impact
  • October 22 12, EST

Profit with a Purpose: Tips for breaking into VC and Angel Investing without a financial background

Meghan will discuss the core skills and knowledge to build a career in innovative finance.
  • September 24, noon EST

Embracing The Winding Road: Tips for Building a Career of Impact

Karen will discuss concrete tips for building a high-impact career in the social impact sector, the skills needed to advance & diverse career paths.
  • September 17 at 11 EST

Media at the Frontlines of Change: Building a Career in Media for Impact

She will discuss her concrete tips for building a high-impact career in media, as well the skills needed and new trends in the sector.
  • September 10 at 12 EST

Building a Career at the Intersection of Peace, Creativity and Social Impact

At PCDN we were planning on launching a group career coaching option to help even more people advance careers of impact.