Call for Submissions: The Peace Journalist

Call for Submissions: The Peace Journalist

Dear Colleagues:

I invite you to submit an article for the October, 2019 edition of the Peace Journalist magazine. We are seeking articles of 500-1500 words about peace and media projects, workshops, seminars, courses, and so on. Our magazine is journalism and media focused, so we do not seek articles about peace projects that do not relate directly to media and journalism. The deadline for submissions is September 5. Feel free to submit photos as well.

The magazine usually fills up quickly. You can increase your chances of publication by getting your article in early.

Please send your submissions to [email protected]

You can find a copy of the April, 2019 edition of the magazine here: https://www.park.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Peace-Journalist-Apr2019-web.pdf  .

Thank you for your interest in the Peace Journalist.


Steven L. Youngblood
Director, Center for Global Peace Journalism
Editor, The Peace Journalist magazine
Author, “Peace Journalism Principles and Practices”
Park University, Parkville, MO USA
[email protected]

Steven Youngblood

Steven Youngblood

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