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Working Wood & Working

(Originally posted on the Space Bangkok Blog.) I have recently been pondering the challenges of mindfully starting a mindful startup. 

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Mindful Moments & Haiku

You know those moments when you are going full tilt, rushed and preoccupied, and then you see something? Or hear something? Or smell something? And it stops you in your tracks. Just for a moment?

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Talking Sticks for Peace

…Scattered around the world are people like myself, who’ve been similarly inspired by John Paul to look for the potential beauty of a talking stick in something someone else would walk straight past, throw for a dog, or burn. We see a pile of wood and wonder how many conversations they could facilitate. We walk past a fallen branch and dream about how many voices it could call from silence. We want you to join us in this process…

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What is Reflective Practice?

Ever feel like you are losing the spark of creativity, inspiration, or innovation? Or wonder how to nourish that flame inside yourself? Ever watch as a seemingly powerless spectator as the flame sputtered and faltered and perhaps even disappeared? Ever been faced with a problem you knew could be solved with a creative solution only to find yourself at a loss about how to find that creative solution? Have you ever considered the role of reflective practice in keeping the creative, inspiration, and innovation spark alive? How about its role in finding creative solutions to problems?

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