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Survey Results: 24 Skills Nonprofit Pros Want to Improve

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May 20, 2016
2016 Survey Results: 24 Skills Nonprofit Pros Want to Improve


This important survey on nonprofit skills is about your use of techniques to help you manage your job more efficiently - and get more done.


The survey asked respondents which nonprofit skills in 5 core areas of their work - if improved - could be the most helpful to them.
This note is a quick email summary. Read the full newsletter online to see all 24 skill sets you want to improve - and how you prioritized them - and to see suggestions for making improvements.
Who Participated: Executive Directors, Directors of Development, Board Members, Grant Writers, Communications Directors and Program/Project Managers (among others) responded to the survey.
One Example from Each Core Area of Work: Respondents felt they needed the most help with 24 different skill sets divided among the following 5 core areas of their work:
1. Marketing and communications:
  • 54%. Increase active engagement with our donors and supporters.
2. Online donations and fundraising:
  • 60%. Build our mailing list by getting website visitors to subscribe to our newsletter.
3. Grant development:
  • 57%. Learn how to better develop a program/project that is attractive to donors.
4. Internet & Technology needs:
  • 53%. Modernize our website to be mobile friendly for visitors using tablets and smart phones.
5. Google AdWords grants for nonprofits:
  • 74%. We would like to learn how to get a $10K a month Google AdWords grant.
Read the complete survey results and see the complete list of the 24 skill sets you want to improve - and how you prioritized them.
And, discover our simple suggestions for making the improvements.
We look forward to your insights and comments!
Tim Magee
If you haven't already, please take the short survey now. 3 Minutes Tops. Simply check a few boxes.

Getting the Job Done: 2016 Annual Survey of Nonprofit Pros

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