My bibliography now has more than 70 entries one week after the #oxfamscandal broke.

Feedback from students, academic colleagues and journalists suggests that many people are paying attention and a repository of your contributions is a small, yet important step to continue the discussion beyond the news cycle.

I find curated and annotated collections a useful way to share and save links, Tweets or videos on topics that produce a lot of food for thought and discussion on development issues.

I can’t possibly claim that my curated overview is even anywhere near complete, but I have tried to compile quite a few news media articles and a first round of commentary from my networks. The Tweets are even more selective, but not random, and meant to illustrate different arguments that have shown up in my networks.

Debates are also taking place in many interesting semi-public spaces, including Facebook groups or E-Mail lists, however, I will only focus on publicly available material.

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Tobias Denskus

Tobias Denskus

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