Let’s talk unemployment. What happens when you do everything right and still can’t land a job?

Summary & Key takeaways

It’s time we get real and talk about unemployment in the social change sector. You do everything right, you send the applications, write the letters and apply to a multitude of places. This was the case for Matthew Johnson,  Master’s educated, apublished author, activist and educator, Matt couldn’t land a job in social change.

Episode 3 of Season 5 is brought to you by The Rotary Peace Fellowship.

In Episode 3 you will learn about Matthew’s process of searching for a social sector job.  But even more fascinating, learn how Matt didn’t let unemployment define him.  Instead, he wrote extensively about his experience, he will tell you what is the most important thing to do when one is under or unemployed  and will share about his experience on embarking on a career change.

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How Moved My Cheese book

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