Episode 2 Season 1 of The Social Change Career Podcast

Summary & Key takeaways

Having the why clear in your journey is so critical […] we need to push harder in getting that clarity and I bet that equates into your happiness ”.

From the beginning, Monica was fiercely independent and thanks her supportive and loving family for instilling a love of public libraries and education. A native D.C. Washingtonian who grew up both in Korea and the U.S , Monica defines herself as a nerd. She wanted to create global impact from as early as she can remember. Highly accomplished but not happy working in government and policy jobs; she worked her way out of boredom and sadness and found herself becoming a coach and creating her own social business: InnovatorsBox. Found out how Monica found her Why in Episode 2 of the Social Change Career Podcast.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Monica’s earlier influences: her supportive family, earlier international experiences and growing up in 2 cultures
  • Monica’s college years and on being a nerd
  • How she develop her work etiquette during college
  • Her Master’s years and how she found her tribe
  • How she thought policy was her way on making a difference
  • Monica’s experience at the U.N. in the Geneva
  • On hating her job and identifying her pain points
  • How she started her own path of helping others and becoming an entrepreneur
  • What helped Monica become a social entrepreneur
  • How she discovered her WHY
  • On Monica being a minority female business owner
  • On why Monica recommends a business over an NGO
  • Never limit your options
  • Know your why to make better decisions and become a happier you
  • What is InnovatorsBox and how it helps others
  • On how you have unlimited potential to be creative
  • The impact of having people being happy in their jobs
  • Advice for women (and everyone else) that want to start their own business
  • On never stop learning in various forms
  • Best career she has received in her life
  • Monica’s take on failure
  • Monica’s top three impact on having a career of impact


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