E2S8: A Career in International Disaster Relief with Yotam Polizer

Summary & Key takeaways

This episode was brought to you thanks to the Rotary Peace Fellowship (see below for more info on the opportunity)

After 2020 we all know a thing of two about disasters. But there are folks like Yotam Polizer who have built amazing careers providing humanitarian relief at a global scale.

Yotam Polizer is CEO of Israel’s biggest humanitarian NGO active in 15 counties including Israel, U.S., Italy and currently very busy with Covid-19 victims.  Under Yotam’s leadership, IsraAID have participated in several contexts including the Syria and Yazidi refugees, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Guatemala and Colombia.

In Episode 2 of Season 8, listen to how Yotam initiated his passion for helping disaster victims in Nepal.  How he considers disasters opportunities for peace; why he calls his work “active anthropology” and what should you do if you want to enter the field of humanitarian aid.

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*Episode recorded on January 25th, 2020


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This episode was brought to you thanks to the Rotary Peace Fellowship:

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