Call for Proposals poster includes community members benefiting from UN Trust Fund-supported projects, from left to right, a young woman running, a man holding a certificate with UN Trust Fund logo, two young girls, one woman speaking and one woman holding a sign

Crossposted from the UN Trust Fund

The 25th grant cycle of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund) is now open.

The UN Trust Fund is seeking proposals for civil society-led, demand-driven initiatives to end violence against women and girls for multi-year grants for up to USD1 million in English, French and Spanish. The annual Call for Proposals is available in six UN official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).

We will prioritize applications that employ an intersectional approach and adopt the principle of leaving no one behind in working with the most marginalized women and girls (including, but not limited to, indigenous women and girls, minority ethnic women and girls, LBTIQ+ people, women and girls with disabilities, older women, women and girls internally displaced (IDPs) and refugees, and women and girl survivors of violence). In addition, the UN Trust Fund welcomes proposals with special attention to organizational resilience and sustainability in rapidly changing and complex environments in order to ensure sustained transformational change and facilitate quick adaptation and recovery from challenging situations.

In this call for proposal, the UN Trust Fund prioritizes applications from women’s rights organizations (WROs) and local civil society organizations (CSOs) led by and for marginalized women and girls; organizations with local or community-level reach; and organizations that are the driving force of the ending violence against women and girls agenda in their communities and those at the forefront of reaching at-risk women and girls and survivors of violence.

The application is open from 25 November 2021 - 6 January 2022.

View the Call for Proposals (PDF): Arabic/Chinese/English/French/Russian/Spanish

View the Call for Proposals (.doc): Arabic/Chinese/English/French/Russian/Spanish

View the Application package: English/French/Spanish

Please click here to apply (the Grants Management System will open to accept applications beginning on 25 November at 8:00am EST).

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