Summer Peacebuilding Institute – February online professional development courses

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You asked for it, we offer online courses

February online professional development courses

One of our takeaways from the 2020 online Summer Peacebuilding Institute was that many people around the world who need the skills and training we offer are unable, for one reason or another (finances, visas, work/family), to attend courses in person in Harrisonburg, Virginia. To help those who cannot attend in person, we are holding a series of online professional development courses in February 2021.

May and June in-person courses . . . hopefully

We are still hoping to have SPI 2021 courses in person in May and June 2021. However, we are postponing a decision about in-person courses until January 2021 in the hopes that we will have a better understanding about how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect us in May and June. If we are unable to have in-person courses in May and June, we will have a series of online courses similar to what occurred at SPI Online 2020.

Dates for February online courses: February 15 – March 19, 2021

The following courses will be taught at the February online session of SPI:

(click the course title below for course description, dates, and times of courses)

All February courses are for professional development only. No academic credit is available for February courses. The cost per course is $775.

To apply for the February 2021 online courses, click here.

Partial Scholarships and Organizational Discounts

We understand that these can be difficult times financially. Partial scholarships are available for those with financial need as are discounts for organizations that have three or more people participating in courses. Click here for more information.

We look forward to your participation in our online courses and hope that we will see you in May and June, in person, in Virginia.

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