Summer Peacebuilding Institute courses on Leadership and Management

Deadline for Applications

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The Summer Peacebuilding Institute is offering a variety of online courses to help you gain skills in leadership and management, to enhance your capacity in your community and in your work life.  Visit our applications page to apply for any of the following courses that will be offered online from May 17 – June 18, 2021 (Click the course title for more information on the course, including days and times of the online portion of the course):


Conflict Coaching

Explore the role of a “coach” for key leaders who are faced with difficult issues leading to protracted conflict situations that require them to promote or support systemic change. Learn how to support, challenge, and encourage individuals in constructive ways that benefit the process of systems change.


Peacebuilding Management Essentials

Improve your knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage resources, people, programs, projects, and services, in the context of mission-oriented organizations. Use the four functions of management framework (Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling) to support your development of a strategic action plan within your management context.


Transformational Leadership for Organizational Change

Identify various approaches to leading people, projects, and organizations in ways that bring restoration, offer hope, and work toward promoting the common good. Explore the critical role leaders at all levels of society have in mitigating societal, economic, and ecological stressors.


Transforming Community Spaces through Equitable Collaboration

Discuss the growing recognition of the ongoing harm of many monuments, memorials, contaminated areas, sites of violence, and other spaces identified with histories of oppression. Explore ways to help institutions and communities take on challenging sites through inclusive, transparent community engagement that uncovers hidden histories, advances social justice, and promotes collective healing.


Visit our Courses page for more information about these and the other ten courses occurring this May and June at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute.


Visit our Applications page to apply for Summer Peacebuilding Institute courses.


Scholarships and Organizational Discounts:

We understand that financial difficulties may be extra challenging this year, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. SPI still has some funding available for partial and matching scholarships. We also offer an organizational discount of 1/3 off of the training fees for any organization with three or more participants in courses (Visit our scholarship page for more information on available financial aid).


For general information on courses, instructors, costs, and scholarships, visit our website.


To contact us with questions, send an email to [email protected]

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