Special Call for Proposals: The Destruction of the Amazon in Pandemic Times

Deadline for Applications

One year since the arrival of the pandemic in the Amazon, the situation has become dramatic for Indigenous peoples and traditional communities. The region has also become the focus of coronavirus mutations, exposing populations and the environment to even worse risks.

The dismantling of the regulatory institutions that act to protect the environment and people and the tragedy of covid-19, are having devastating impacts on Indigenous people, quilombolas, ribeirinhos (riverine communities), and urban populations.

The same institutional backsliding and government neglect has opened space for the increase of illegal activities that have advanced in areas that should be protected. Once the pandemic is over, the damage caused in the Amazon could be irreversible.

Call for Proposals

In response to the severe impact of the pandemic, the Amazonia Rainforest Journalism Fund (RJF) and the Pulitzer Center are opening a new call for proposals for journalism grants to cover stories about the region in the times of a pandemic..

Journalists, editors, and independent media organizations are invited to submit their proposals. Stories involving collaborative reporting, or including local and/or indigenous journalists facing travel restrictions and health risks imposed by the pandemic, will also be encouraged. Letters of commitment will be required from relevant media outlets that will publish the stories.

We encourage projects that address the converging crises of covid-19, deforestation, and other critical threats to the region. Reporting should highlight local voices.

Due to the current near-impossibility of reaching Indigenous lands and other vulnerable traditional populations due to public health constraints, it becomes even more important to strengthen local journalism and journalism practiced by Indigenous journalists, quilombolas, riverine people, and other traditional or local communities. Projects involving local media or journalists living in these communities will be prioritized.

Proposals for this special call must be received by April 15.

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