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Media mentorship is crucial for young journalists! Apply today for the chance to get hands-on experience in climate reporting.

We’re excited to announce the newest cycle of our global media mentorship programme!

Get your pitches ready! This is one of our best mentorship opportunities yet!


It’s all-encompassing and engaging. We’ll be welcoming a new cohort of 6 young journalists eager to produce climate stories and learn in the process. Between August and November 2021, this diverse group will cover the climate crisis from the frontlines, producing exclusive stories for Climate Tracker.

But the fun does not stop there. Through the fellowship period, each storyteller will receive mentoring from our experiences team, as we work alongside them to strengthen their knowledge of climate change reporting.

We’ll be challenging each fellow to experiment and use new media techniques, formats, and platforms to tell their stories. Selected fellows will also get a chance to create contact and collaborate with other international journalists.

Our online training programme will see 6 young journalists from around the world dive into a paid programme that benefits them in a tremendous way!!

As a selected participant, you will be challenged and supported to publish stories (individually and collaboratively), produce newsletters, engage in podcast production, and participate in social media content creation!

Your stories will be shared and promoted throughout our channels and networks. Our aim is to make you famous for the awesome climate messages you produce. Exciting, right?!

A great chance to sharpen your new media skills to amplify your journalism and boost your marketability.

Deadline to Apply: Monday 9th August, 2021


Once selected, we will get the ball rolling really quickly! Here’s a taste of what you’ll be jumping straight into:  

  • 1 “short” article
  • 1 feature article
  • Depending on our selection, you might move on to do a collaborative story or a long form individual story
  • Newsletter adaptations of your stories / Podcast contributions about your stories / Instagram Live interviews

Not only is this a great opportunity to build your network around the world and engage with journalists beyond your country/region, it’s a fantastic chance to gain hands-on experience.



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