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This award recognizes individuals and organizations making positive peacebuilding contributions to address the worsening conflict dynamics in the United States. 

AfP will present the award virtually at PeaceCon @10: COVID, Climate, and Conflict: Rising to Challenges of a Disrupted World on January 27th.

  • The awardee will also have an opportunity to present at PeaceCon @10 to highlight their work to AfP’s vast global network.

  • The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) will cover conference registration for the awardee, who will also receive a $1000 cash prize and free lifetime membership with AfP.

  • Please find the nomination form here. The deadline to nominate is December 3, 2021.

Today, global violent conflict is at a 30-year high and COVID-19 is “stabilization in reverse,climate change is compounding conflict and fragility, and technology is expanding extremists’ reach. Even democracies, including the U.S., are experiencing increasing instability and violence.

To raise awareness of growing conflict dynamics and highlight the critical work of peacebuilders in the United States, the Alliance for Peacebuilding established the Melanie Greenberg U.S. Peacebuilding Award of Excellence in 2018. This prestigious award honors AfP’s former President and CEO, Melanie Greenberg, and recognizes innovative U.S. peacebuilding efforts tackling conflict drivers.

We invite you to nominate outstanding organizations or individuals that demonstrate evidence-based impact that reduces and prevents conflict and violent extremism and builds sustainable peace in the United States.

Eligibility criteria for the award:

  • Nominees can be individuals or programs

  • Individuals cannot nominate themselves, nor can they nominate an organization they work for

    • Board members may nominate their own organizations

  • The individual or organizations must conduct peacebuilding work in the United States

    • Entities that conduct multiple programs internationally are eligible to be nominated so long as one or more of their programs are based in the United States

  • Peacebuilding work is not exhaustive, but below are some examples:

    • Advancing racial justice and/or gender equality

    • Advancing the Future of Rural Communities

    • Building community resilience

    • Leading violence reduction and Violent Extremism programs

    We seek outstanding nominees that can demonstrate evidence-based impact.  Please ensure nominations are substantive and informative.

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