strengthen your wellbeing, knowledge & psychosocial skills for increased peacebuilding impact

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You will gain wellbeing, knowledge and skills for personal stress management, professional excellence and innovation in psychosocial peacebuilding!

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What you will learn

  • Learn a personal self-care program with effective techniques to strengthen resilience, wellbeing and stress management (including the SKY technique, proven to improve health, immunity, sleep and reduce anxiety, depression, burn-out)
  • Nurture your inner resources and peacebuilding qualities (such as finer intuition, increased creativity, better clarity of mind and discernment, improved ability to manage challenging situations and people, deeper experience of internalised nonviolence, active listening, compassion and empathy)
  • Dive deeper into holistic approaches of psychosocial peacebuilding implemented on the ground, integrating MHPSS and Peacebuilding
  • Learn practical frameworks to analyse peace-contributing and -inhibiting PS factors in conflict contexts and peacebuilding programs
  • Increase confidence and skills to integrate PS approaches in peacebuilding project design
  • Revisit common theories of change and uncover peacebuilding assumptions
  • Be (re-) inspired to innovate in peacebuilding
  • Strengthen the experience of inner peace in the midst of conflict

The benefits of the techniques taught in the training are immediate and deepen over time with continued personal / group practice. Several independent studies on the numerous mental and physical health benefits of the training, such as reducing cortisol and alleviating depression, anxiety and PTSD, have been published in international peer-reviewed journals. (www.aolresearch.org)

“We are offering psycho social support programs, but we have never done an analysis like this to understand what are actually the psycho social factors we need to work with. Now I know why I see that look of unsatisfaction in the eyes of the refugees I work with: my program and approach lack their wellbeing! Thank you for teaching us a new perspective of peacebuilding.” Syrian refugee camp coordinator, Tripoli, Lebanon 

“I think this will address the roots of conflict, the psychological dimension that nobody deals with or comes close to. This is an effective group approach for psycho-social issues. I felt the effect of the techniques for myself on many levels and I think it would be very practical to extend it to my social environment and work since it is a real need. We need to introduce now effective techniques to dissolve tension between many people.” Sanaa, Social worker, Beirut

“You are more specialised than any of the agencies providing psycho-social support.”Youth worker, Tripoli, Lebanon

For Whom?

Individuals and organisations working in or on conflict (peacebuilding, humanitarian, development, security, justice sectors)
Colleges, universities and training programs for students and adults in peacebuilding and related topics

IAHV trainings have benefited UN personnel, World Bank Management cadres, European officials, staff of international and national NGOs, university students and many more. IAHV Peacebuilding’s approach to integrated peacebuilding has been heralded by experienced practitioners and organisations as addressing a key need to improve health and well being in how peacebuilding is done, and in the quality, impact and effectiveness of peacebuilding, development and humanitarian aid.

“This program helped me in finding one of the most important keys to achieve my psychological, mental and physical health. As a psychotherapist I will be more effective and concentrating in my sessions with the patients and as a trainer for teenagers and adults I will be more focused and calm in conveying to them my believe in the importance of peace.” Lubna, psychologist from Syria, Beirut 

“The subject of the workshop is highly important, not only for our beneficiaries, who are refugees and vulnerable persons, but also for all the social workers, because they are in daily contact with refugee and host community problems, so they are absorbing negative energy from them. These kind of workshop can help us as social workers to get rid of the stress which we are exposed to during work and give us the opportunity to work better.” Zeina, Amel Center Manager, Haret Hreik, Lebanon

Trainer: Dr. Katrien Hertog

Dr. Katrien Hertog`

Dr. Katrien Hertog is a peacebuilding researcher, trainer and practitioner with 20 years of experience in the academic and non-governmental sector.

In her capacity as Director Peacebuilding Programs for IAHV, as well as a researcher, she has been pioneering the practice of psychosocial peacebuilding (PSPB) for more impactful peacebuilding practice and advocating for its integration in international peacebuilding policy and practice. She develops, implements and advocates for PSPB programs on preventing and transforming violent extremism, trauma relief to break the cycles of violence, strengthening mediation and reconciliation processes, and training peacebuilding personnel.

Dr. Hertog has a MA in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford and a PhD from the Centre for Peace Research at the University of Leuven.

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Practical Information

Option 1: 4-5-6 May 2021 + 12, 19, 26 May

Timings: 1530 – 1900 CEST
Registration Deadline: 27 April

Option 2: 21-22-23 May 2021 + 29 May, 2 and 5 June

Timings: Week days: 1800 – 2130; Weekend days: 9.30 – 13.00 CEST
Registration Deadline: 14 May

For full details on the training click here

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