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Why a Community of Faith-Inspired Changemakers?


Changing the world for the common good has always been central to faith traditions. Throughout history faith-inspired changemakers have brought fundamental innovations to our world, for the good of all, influencing sectors such as healthcare, hospice, and the food industry or fighting against human trafficking. And, faith-inspired changemakers are needed now more than ever.

We also know that making change happen can be tough, lonely work! We all need peers from whom we can receive love and learning and with whom we feel whole. Building a community with peers across faith traditions who share a grounding in the principles of changemaking and tap into Ashoka’s learning can bring new insights to those who share a deeply spiritual motivation for their work and want to help recommit the faith sector to the common good in new and exciting ways.



Who are faith-inspired changemakers?


Faith-Inspired Changemakers are:

  • Spiritual Innovators creating new forms of spiritual   community, new ways of being faithful 
  • Social Entrepreneurs or innovators led by their faith to build solutions to social issues for the good of all 
  • Institutional Intrapreneurs creating new approaches to living a faith-led life based in love and respect for everyone across the generations 

They are from any faith tradition and exhibit entrepreneurial traits such as creativity, empathy, teamwork and leadership. They tackle pressing problems with a new service, product or approach while empowering other people.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? 


What is the opportunity?


If you have heard about Ashoka, you probably know that we want to see everyone become a changemaker. For 40+ years, we have been supporting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs to do good, better and have mastered the science & art of creating impactful change.

Now, in partnership with Trinity Church Wall Street we are offering Faith-Inspired Changemakers like you a chance to grow your impact by joining our 4-Week Changemaking Masterclass (four 90-minute sessions). By joining this masterclass you will:

  • Increase the impact of your work by learning how the world’s top social entrepreneurs create & scale impactful solutions.
  • Master Ashoka’s Levels of Impact framework to elevate your impact & leadership in social justice.
  • Become a movement builder for leading much needed system & framework change in society.
  • Learn strategies for how to best engage & empower young people in your community to step into their changemaker power.
  • Join a community of selected faith-inspired changemakers already making an impact across the faith sector.
  • Get recognized as a Faith-Inspired Changemaker, as part of the wider Ashoka and Trinity Church Wall Street leadership communities.

Those who finish this 4-Week Changemaking Masterclass will become eligible to apply for the Faith-Inspired Changemakers Lab experience, a more in-depth 6 month peer group process with Ashoka in partnership with Trinity Church Wall Street.


What are the criteria to participate?


We are looking for changemakers who have either already started an initiative or organization or have an idea that they would like to develop. Participants should be innovative thinkers or open to innovative approaches, dedicated to think about strategy and impact as they develop their idea and have a desire to meet and interact with other innovators from different spiritual practices or faith traditions. The masterclass is designed to be useful for changemakers at all stages of their innovation across the generations. Participants will be able to apply for a more intensive peer learning lab experience later. For more on our criteria, see the Q&A below.”


What are the challenges in faith today?


In today’s rapidly changing world faith communities and their leaders face enormous challenges – from shrinking participation, aging congregations and persistent loneliness, loss of engagement by young people and the continuing lack of diversity in many faith communities. Pervasive digital content and communications pose a major competition for people’s time and attention. Clergy & spiritual leaders are overwhelmed and social justice issues – a focus of much faith activism – require an entrepreneurial and movement leadership approach that is often outside the experience of the people who care most deeply about them. At the same time, broad access to media, alternative forms of community and a continued yearning for meaning and community create opportunities for new ways of gathering, worshiping, learning, serving, and having a positive impact on society. Many leaders, young people among them, are stepping up to point the way.

Faith-Inspired Changemakers are responding, and we want to create a space for Changemakers across faiths to learn from one another – as well to dive deeply into the impact lessons from Ashoka’s network of the world’s top social entrepreneurs.


What is your commitment?

We have carefully crafted a powerful experience for you while keeping in mind your busy schedule & other priorities. When you apply and get selected, you will commit to:

  • Show up to the four live sessions. Please book your calendar from 12-1:30 pm EST on May 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2021.
  • Attendance to all sessions is required.
  • Commit to show up with presence & respect & contribute your love & wisdom to nurture the community.
  • Help guide the vision of this community together with Ashoka & Trinity Church Wall Street.

Applications accepted through Sunday, April 25th, 2021.


The Faith Inspired Changemaker Initiative is a partnership between Ashoka and Trinity Church Wall Street to build an interdenominational ecosystem supporting changemakers creating powerful solutions to the challenges facing the faith sector today, and sustaining leaders of these efforts whether they are clergy, lay people, individual innovators, academic players, or other institutional actors. We seek a highly diverse group of participants with a variety of faith-inspired changemaking initiatives and are open to all faith traditions and denominations.

We engage changemakers holistically in their varying roles in life, as an individual, as a family member, as a player in a variety of organizations, and as a member of a larger community.


Changemaking Masterclass selection process

We are looking for Faith-Inspired Changemakers who wish to help lead by creating solutions, building this supportive ecosystem, and collaborating with others to empower more and more people of faith as changemakers in their own settings.

We invite such people to apply to join the 4-Week Changemaking Masterclass and complete our short application telling us about yourself and the change you want to make happen. If accepted, there is no fee for joining this masterclass.

Applications will be accepted through Sunday April 25, 2021. 

Applicants can expect to receive a response on their application by April 30, 2020, and in the meantime should hold open the 12-1:30 pm EST period on May 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2021 and be willing to commit to attending all four sessions.


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