Join the Our Future, Our Voices, the International Youth Foundation’s Free Virtual Summit, by, for, and with young people

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It’s almost time for Our Future, Our Voices—IYF’s FREE virtual summit by, for, and with young people! Starting October 26, some of the world’s most innovative young women and men will gather to lead conversations about the future they want to create.

For five days, participants will engage with experts, learn new high-impact skills, build a professional network, and be inspired by a community of changemakers, leaders, and peers.

Attend for as many (or as few) days and sessions as you want, but don’t miss the chance to be part of a movement to create a bright shared future.

We hope to see you there!

The Agenda

Young people care about the world as it is now, and the world as it can be in the future.

Already, they’re taking action to address critical issues that affect their lives, their communities, and the larger global community to which we all belong.

That’s why Our Future, Our Voices will focus on the biggest challenges of the day. Reflecting the concerns of young people and aligning with the global Sustainable Development Goals, the summit is shaped around three key concepts:

  • People: Ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential and live with dignity, equality, and health.
  • Planet: Protect the planet so it can support the needs of present and future generations.
  • Prosperity: Build a prosperous, ethical, and sustainable economy that works for everyone—including the most vulnerable.

For more information on sessions, visit the Our Future, Our Voices agenda page on the IYF website


Our Future, Our Voices focuses on big, current topics like:

  • Exploring how technology can be a democratizing force in learning and education.
  • Breaking the silence and stereotypes around issues of mental health and suicide.
  • Learning from young people about living their values to protect the planet.
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to creating a world that is just, fair, and inclusive.
  • Flipping investment paradigms so they better align with the real needs of young changemakers.
  • Ensuring that cutting-edge technology is being used to drive inclusion and collaboration.
  • Minimizing food loss and food waste, engaging young people in farming, and building self-sustainable communities.


Our Future, Our Voices will feature leadership talks, interactive skill-building workshops, small group chats, and live discussion forums, all geared towards helping us reimagine a world in recovery. We’ll hear from:

  • YOUNG LEADERS: Young changemakers will be front and center sharing their experiences of building more resilient and just societies.
  • ADVISORS & INFLUENCERS: Corporate, civic, and academic leaders will share lessons learned on making progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • PRACTITIONERS: Youth development practitioners will offer methods of creating intergenerational partnership to activate change.

The ingenuity of young people to find solutions to societal challenges both immediate and longstanding has never been more urgently needed. IYF would like to thank our dedicated global partners—FedExConrad N. Hilton FoundationCummins, HSBC, and Mastercard Foundation—for helping to bring this inaugural virtual summit to life.

Together, we are fostering a new tradition of recognizing young people as essential leaders in the charge to reshape a world forever altered by the COVID-19 crisis and a revitalized movement for justice and equity.

To learn more about topics and sessions, visit the Our Future, Our Voices agenda page on the IYF website.”

IYF strives to be a platform for young people to express their own ideas and opinions. While IYF and its partners may not necessarily agree with all of the opinions expressed, we stand by, for, and with young people as they exercise their agency, live their rights, and raise their voices.

Oct 26, 2020 – Oct 30, 2020

About IYF

The International Youth Foundation® (IYF®) stands by, for, and with young people. Founded in 1990 through a generous grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, IYF is a global nonprofit with programs directly benefiting 7.7 million young people and operations spanning 100 countries so far. Together with local community-based organizations and a network of corporate, foundation, and multilateral partners, we connect young people with opportunities to transform their lives. We believe that educated, employed, engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s toughest problems, and we focus our youth development efforts on three linked objectives: unlocking agency, driving economic opportunity, and making systems more inclusive. Our vision is to see young people inspired and equipped to realize the future they want. The International Youth Foundation: Transforming Lives, Together. To learn more about the International Youth Foundation, please join us at  www.iyfnet.org.


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