Season 3 of The Social Change Career Podcast
Episode 1: Working on the intersection of faith and peacebuilding in conflict-ridden Colombia with Julio

Julio’s humbling and powerful story launches Season 3 of The Social Change Career Podcast.

He grew up in an area of high conflict in rural Colombia and through lots of smarts and lucky breaks he managed to end up in Bogota –the capital- and later in the U.S. where he completed his Masters in Divinity

Episode 2: Addressing economic inequality through social entrepreneurship with Paulina Toro

While Craig and I were lost in a social innovation lab a young an amazing women helped us find our way and very very soon we knew she needed to be a guest at The Social Change Career Podcast.

Recently graduated from the Wagner’s School in NYC, she returns to her native Colombia to develop Kalpatta, her social entrepreneurship bringing opportunities to underserved women through a gourmet restaurant experience.

Episode 3: Bridging the worlds of mindfulness and marketing. Paul Zelizer’s thriving social impact business

A pioneer on the intersection of mindfulness and social impact business. Bridging the worlds of mindfulness and marketing, Paul is a thought leader, an entrepreneur, providing connection, advice and coaching to hundreds of conscious business leaders.

Listen to Episode 3 of Season 3 to learn how Paul is changing the world with his mindful marketing approach.

Episode 4: Sanam Anderlini on "Don’t become a gender expert, always bring a gender lens"

One of the main leaders behind Resolution 1325 and other groundbreaking U.N. Resolutions that changed the way women and gender issues are integrated in the global architecture for peace making.

Equal parts scholar and activist and a thought leader who is responsible in part for the huge advancement of women, peace and negotiations in the last decade.

Episode 5: Surabhi Lal on "What the heck, just apply"

Head of Program Development at Luminary, Surabhi Lal talked to me about her decade of experience coaching careers of change. Surabhi sits at the intersection of conversations with job seekers and employers in the public service space.

Listen to Surabhi’s career trajectory as she also share careers tips, dos and don’ts, based on her decade of working with students and professionals in the social good space.

Episode 6: The "Jackie Chan" of peace. The extraordinary life and career of Dr. Tatsushi Arai

From selling his car in order to purchase a plane ticket to Rwanda to teach to post-genocide survivors; to suffering malaria many times to working for peace in Nigeria (and half the planet). Dr. Tatsushi Arai has built an extraordinary career as a seasoned U.N. mediator and peacebuilding academic and practitioner.

Dr. Tats career trajectory, his academic and practitioner credentials, his global practice should be the standard by which conflict resolution scholars and social change professionals should be measured