Season 1 of The Social Change Career Podcast
Episode 1: Craig Zelizer on Taking Bold Risks

“The best decision [for me] has been to turn down what people think I should do to follow what’s the right path for me”.

Known by everyone in the peacebuilding world and very well connected in the social change scene, Craig is “a compulsive networker and information sharer”. How does he manage to Tweet at 4am? Who hasn’t received an email from him? Who is this guy?

Episode 2: Monica Kang on Finding Your WHY

“Having the why clear in your journey is so critical […] “ we need to push harder in getting that clarity and I bet that equates into your happiness ”.

From the beginning, Monica was fiercely independent and thanks her supportive and loving family for instilling a love of public libraries and education. A native D.C. Washingtonian who grew up both in Korea and the U.S , Monica defines herself as a nerd

Episode 3: Nick Martin on Never Stop Learning

A product of a professional weaver and a government official, Nick had a very refined and specific passion for 1890-1940s Modern Era poetry.

Thinking he was going to be a poetry analyst, Nick later decided that we wanted to help others and work in social change through education. With a recent M.A. title from UPeace University in Costa Rica, Nick had to battle the 2008 economic recession

Episode 4: Miki Jacevic, not a single day bored

“It doesn’t get any harder than being a war refugee in Europe in 1995. I always knew that there is something inside me, in my love for my family that I have to draw from, that there will be better days. Very fortunate for me for the last 30 years that’s being the case”.

It was 1984 and Bosnia Herzegovina hosted the Winter Olympics. In just two weeks 13-year-old Miki taught himself English and German just by volunteering and meeting others in this global event.

Episode 5: Anne Kjaer Stand up and just do it

Anne carries a Danish passport but considers herself a citizen of the world. Her father’s family escaped from Germany as the Nazis persecuted them for their pacifist’s beliefs. Her family moved to Norway to the countryside when she was 11.

For college she attended an alternative three-year innovation management school that started her great journey combining entrepreneurship, technology solving complex social problems.

Episode 6: On Identifying your Case with Elsa Marie D'Silva

Born in Mombay, India from working class parents who never forced her to follow on Indias’ societal expectations of womenhood, Elsa Marie D’Silva literally grew wings and for two decades became a successful employee in the aviation industry.

But she had to follow her passion and commitment to solving the epidemic of sexual violence against women and girls in public spaces. She founded and created Safecity, an app that is effectively, one dot at a time, reducing violence against women and girls in many countries.