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Members of Thought Partnerships’ Community Impact Leaders Consortium will inspire and support one another along their journey as a transformational leader in preventing identity based violence and countering hate and division.

Thought Partnerships (TP) joins thousands of Americans who feel a deep sense of pain and anguish right now wondering if the centuries of wounds and injustice will find genuine opportunities for healing or reprieve. Racial injustice has had a long and violent history here in the U.S. and around the world, but the time to act and show support has never been more critical. We believe that this is not merely a moment in our checkered history, but rather an awakening, a reckoning and a true opportunity to cultivate the seeds for transformative change. Unprecedented times like these, call for shared solutions, and coming together in community and solidarity. This is why TP has decided to launch our inaugural Community Impact Leaders Consortium, to facilitate those activists on the frontlines of catalyzing change can come together in a safe and collaborative space to learn, share and encourage cross movement conversations.

We offer this program  as an opportunity to stand together in compassion, strength and solidarity towards working to an end to injustice and identity based violence here in the U.S. Now is the time to bring leaders from diverse communities and identities together, to have conversations, cross-pollinate ideas and strategize movement building. It will take all of us to break down the silos that separate us, push back against a system that seeks to fracture us and achieve transformative and lasting change. The time to come together is now and together we are stronger and more resilient in our shared purpose.

Thought Partnerships envisions your membership in the Community Impact Leaders Consortium to have three outcomes:

  1. Gain a Peer Community: Develop meaningful and long lasting connections with fellow cohort members and a larger Community of Practice working in many contexts from, with and on behalf of diverse communities.
  2. Grow as a Leader: Use TP’s platform to highlight your community and work through roundtables, resource sharing and conversations with funders and other inspiring U.S. and global practitioners.
  3. Gather New Tools: Engage in peer-to-peer learning and exchange with our global Community of Practice through sharing and receiving new tools and resources to combat hate and division.


  • Are you a leader from a community experiencing hate, division or identity based violence?
  • Are you based in the United States?
  • Do you believe in the strength of peer-to-peer exchanges and the power of engaging with a community of practice driven by learning and iterating together?

If you answered yes to all three, then Thought Partnerships invites you to apply for our inaugural Community Impact Leaders Consortium.

Thought Partnerships Background

Thought Partnerships is dedicated to advancing non-violent, just and inclusive societies. We bring together expertise across a spectrum of sectors to create collective impact by building effective Communities of Practice. We create opportunities for deep learning and sharing within and across diverse geographies to harness the collective wisdom of experts, activists, and practitioners in emerging sectors to amplify impact and advance a more peaceful world. Our Community of Practice is grounded in the notion that we are most impactful when collaborating with one another and learning together. TP is rooted in the idea that peer-to-peer exchange is a critical building block for any successful field of work and is a particularly powerful ingredient in sustaining and growing social justice movements.

About the Community Impact Leaders Consortium

This program is intended to run annually, building a sustainable peer consortium of community leaders driving forward positive change to counter hate and division. We believe that durable and meaningful change happens when ecosystems work together toward shared goals. During such turbulent and unprecedented times, visionary leadership is needed more than ever.

We are living through extremely difficult and chaotic times and many communities find themselves living in a state of constant duress. Those leading on the frontlines are being pushed beyond their limits as they bear witness to inhumanity and seek to change policies and practices that lead to cycles of violence and insecurity. This is hard work, it brings with it grief, outrage, deep pain and exhaustion, yet frontline leaders persevere onwards, carrying forwards the bright torch for change.

This program is designed for frontline leaders to join a peer community of trailblazers and have a network of support to turn to, learn from and lean on. This spirit of this peer leadership program  is to celebrate and elevate community leaders through support and solidarity. To this end, the consortium members will benefit from a suite of engagement opportunities that support them to gain a peer community, grow as a leader and gather new tools, all rooted in a vision of wanting to provide a space where, alongside other leaders, you can flourish and thrive.

Bringing about change that is meaningful to the communities facing hate and violence requires locally led solutions to guide and inform national level policy change. By bringing in leaders from a diverse array of communities together into a shared space, we seek to weave a tapestry of collaboration across the country; a tapestry where various threads for change can be woven together. Recognizing that many of our current Community of Practice members work at the national level, Thought Partnerships will prioritize applicants representing communities directly on the frontlines of countering hate and division. A strong preference will be given to community leaders representing groups that are at imminent risk, including but not limited to those who are targeted due to their race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation and/or legal/citizenship status. We are particularly interested in supporting community leaders who see the value in joining an active and engaging cohort of practitioners and have both the time and bandwidth for peer-to-peer learning and exchanges.

Application Process

  1. Submit a one page personal impact statement that describes how you are actively seeking to prevent identity based violence and counter hate and division within your own community, and what meaningful change looks like to you. Submit application materials to team@thoughtpartnerships.org
  2. Submit a peer-reference from someone familiar with your visionary leadership and community organizing. Submit this peer-reference recommendation to team@thoughtpartnerships.org
  3. If invited, participate in a virtual meeting where the Thought Partnerships team can learn more about you and your work.


  • Application deadline is 11:59pm EDT July 31, 2020
    • TP will start reviewing applications as we receive them
  • Virtual Meetings with applicants: August 3-14, 2020
  • Decisions will be announced by: August 21, 2020
  • Welcome orientation will take place September 1-4, 2020
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