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To apply for this job please visit oxfordhr.co.uk.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is looking for a diverse range of individuals to join the Scotland Advisory Committee. The Committee Members will advise and guide the Country Director and RSPB Council on the appropriateness of its policies, and specific matters relating to any aspect of the RSPB’s work in Scotland.

The Committee’s Members must reflect the broad demographics of Scotland, from its cities and towns to the coasts and countryside. We seek people from different backgrounds, cultures, ages, and identities to provide a wide range of experiences, ideas, views, and insights into the strategy, policies, and ambitions of the Society.

The RSPB is an inclusive organisation and welcomes applications from under-represented groups including BAME, LGBTQ+, intersectionality and disability.

What are we looking for

Passion and values: We are looking for passionate individuals who are willing and interested in committing their time, thoughts and energy to the environmental movement, and able to champion the values and mission of the RSPB. Committee Members are expected to want to participate on the Scotland Advisory Committee in order to support RSPB towards its aims and ambitions as an organisation.

Accountability: It is essential that Advisory Committee Members are able to act in the best interests of RSPB and are able to participate fully in the committee.

Stakeholder engagement: We need committee members who are passionate about our mission, who take time to understand how we work and what we do but perhaps most importantly help us understand and engage with the diverse range of communities across Scotland, particularly those we may not have engaged with before.

Diversity: We want our Advisory Committee Members to reflect and uphold a commitment to diversity and inclusion. We aim to encompass and demonstrate the diversity of experience, knowledge, and perspectives found across Scotland – including both urban, rural and areas of significant economic marginalization.

Understanding and learning: Advisory Committee Members should be willing to build an understanding of RSPB’s operating environment, from the perspective of a large and complex charity operating in challenging times, and building resilience to managing change in a contested world, alert to the likely future trends in policy and practice.

External Engagement: It is the aim of RSPB to appoint committee members who are able to dedicate their energy and enthusiasm externally to their networks and peers. We welcome applications from anyone who is passionate enough to want to save nature but in particular, those who have experience in farming and land management; marine issues; campaigning; technology; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; corporate or business experience; communications or community engagement. We support and encourage committee members to work alongside the country staff in the promotion of interest in the work of RSPB, including membership, to help promote and influence key policy priorities and to represent the charity to its stakeholder in each country.

To find out more ant to apply please click here.

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