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Search for Common Ground (Search) is seeking a consultant or team of consultants who can evaluate and create a study about the contribution of a project about Insider Mediation implemented through a consortium with Berghof, Interpeace, CENAP and IPLG in Niger, Burundi, and Zimbabwe. The evaluation will use a mixed methodology and data collection tools and will aim to assess the impact of the project, lessons learned, and draw recommendations that can inform other EU mediation efforts in Burundi, Niger, and Zimbabwe. The evaluation results will feed into the final publication for this action. Candidates’s teams should have experience in drawing from lessons learned across countries and across organisations in order to consolidate a detailed analysis taking into account contextual challenges and opportunities.

The Project

Search for Common Ground (Search), Berghof Foundation (Berghof), Interpeace, CENAP and Africa University are implementing a 24-month project with the overall objective to contribute to national efforts for peace and stability in Burundi, Niger, and Zimbabwe. The consortium has combined efforts to respond to ongoing and emerging conflicts in the three target countries by supporting insider mediation. Based on consultations with the European Union (EU), as well as lessons learned and best practices from previous actions, the aim of this project is twofold:

The overall goal: to contribute to national efforts for peace and stability in target countries.

SO1: Strengthen local and national capacities for conflict transformation by leveraging insider mediation capacities and processes within existing or potential national peace infrastructures

  • R1.1. Insider mediators in target countries are provided with enhanced opportunities and mechanisms for conflict transformation and mediation processes.

SO2: Support the EU in consolidating and further strengthening its approach to and operationalisation of insider mediation support

  • R2.1. Insider mediators are provided with opportunities to effectively connect with other insider mediators on a local and national level.
    R2.2 Insider mediators receive increased support from peers across borders and other actors involved in EU-supported peace processes.

This project is implemented in 3 Countries:

  • Burundi: Rutana / Gitega / Kirundo / Kayanza/ Rumonge
  • Niger: Diffa (N’guigmi – Toumour) / Tahoua (Tébaram) / Tillaberi (Abala)
  • Zimbabwe

The following are the main activity streams:

  • A mapping of the insider mediation processes, actors, challenges, and support. Consortium members will coordinate with the EU to map existing and potential insider mediators, their capacity, as well as ongoing mediation processes, to understand potential entry points for connecting insider mediators to higher-level mediation processes.
  • Capacity-development and structural support. Consortium members will strengthen local conflict transformation processes with training in mediation, negotiation, and facilitation; work with local communities to strengthen the role of women and youth in insider mediation processes; create a community of practitioners and a local coaching and mentoring system; accompany insider mediators to high-level mediation events; and create sustainable infrastructures for peace.
  • Strategic networking and cross-border activities. To ensure the local, national, and international exchange of good practices that work across different conflict contexts, the consortium will create informal networks of insider mediators. We will connect the insider mediators across countries and regions to have periodic exchanges to share lessons learned, challenges and opportunities in their roles and multiply the knowledge gained through this project. The network will work with senior level mediators working on the same conflict at high level, and with EU and UN actors working on conflict transformation.
  • Visibility. The project will be documented by videographers and illustrators to produce communicable material about insider mediation support (video, audio, photos, stories, interviews, testimonies, etc) available online. In addition, external communication materials, publications, and events will promote the action’s visibility across the target countries and beyond. By making sure that communication efforts target women and youth in particular we will engage them as advocates for peace and mediation.

Please click here for the full Terms of Service.

How to apply
To apply, interested candidates (individuals or teams) are requested to submit the following two documents:

  • Curriculum vitae (for individual consultant or for each team member in case of a team of consultants);
  • A short cover letter and an offer with (i) technical proposal proposing a methodology for the final evaluation together with (ii) a financial proposal for the completion of the aforementioned deliverables.
    Applications must be submitted by the 24th September the latest.
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