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July 8, 2024

Hiring Specialist / Lead / Fellow

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As a Hiring Specialist / Lead for cFactual, you will create and implement recruitment strategies within leading, high-impact client organizations, while actively contributing to cFactual's growth via internal hiring. We are excited about adding one or more experienced hiring professionals to our team, as we are seeing strong demand for senior hiring support in the EA and AI safety communities. For the Hiring Lead role, we are looking for an entrepreneurial, highly experienced (3+ years) hiring professional who can run hiring rounds independently and build a business within a business. We are also interested in employing a junior Hiring Specialist (1-2 years’ experience), who will mainly focus on running hiring rounds. Both roles will work closely with our Executive Director, Jona Glade, and our operations team.

We are excited for our Hiring Lead or Specialist to join us permanently, but we also invite interested candidates to apply to our 3–6 month fellowship program. Fellows spend 70-90% of their time doing value-adding client or cFactual work, while the rest of their time is reserved for upskilling and career exploration (e.g., one-on-one coaching sessions, goal-setting exercises, introductions to experts in the field, or self-directed learning through recommended EA resources and literature). You can find more information about the fellowship here.

About cFactual

  • Our vision is a maximally flourishing world
  • Our mission is to help impact-oriented organizations and individuals navigate critical periods and pivotal decisions
  • Our comparative advantage is that
    • We are the only organization that focuses on executive-level questions and decisions across organizations from an EA perspective
    • We have the flexibility to support organizations during pivotal times
  • Our services include ad hoc support, full-time research, regular coaching, sparring, and red teaming, as well as executional support in the following areas:
    • Leadership and board support
      • Regular operations
        • Developing organizational goals, plans, theories of change, impact measurement, and risk management strategies
        • Facilitating executive and organization-wide reflection, prioritization, and planning rhythms
        • Improving important organizational decisions by structuring processes (such as goal-setting and impact measurement) and preparing decision-relevant information
        • Auditing leadership teams, boards, and CEO performance
        • Providing red teaming and leadership coaching
      • Pivotal times
        • Scoping and launching high-potential projects and organizations
        • Supporting organizations with scaling and hiring
        • Assisting with spin-outs, reorganizations, and other significant transformative initiatives
        • Helping organizations navigate crises
        • Structuring and managing high-stakes projects
    • Family office support
      • We are currently assessing the potential to create philanthropic or comprehensive strategies for family offices (in addition to the services mentioned above)
  • You can find more information regarding cFactual’s services, client examples, and credentials here
  • We’re a distributed team, with current staff based in the US, Germany, and Austria. Our team includes highly experienced leaders such as Jona Glade (co-founder of cFactual and the Effective Altruism Consulting Network (now Consultants for Impact), former Boston Consulting Group consultant), Abraham Rowe (former COO of Rethink Priorities), and Tim Shavers (former Global Director of Strategy & Innovation at McKinsey and Company)
  • We are a small but growing team; we currently employ 2 full-time staff, 4 fellows, and several contractors

About the role

We are excited about either building out a hiring offering as part of cFactual or creating an entirely new hiring agency, if we conclude that that would lead to better outcomes for the world. For the Hiring Lead role, we are looking for an entrepreneurial, highly experienced (3+ years) hiring professional who can run hiring rounds independently and build a business within a business. We are also interested in adding junior hiring specialists (1-2 years experience) to fill the Hiring Specialist role, which will be mainly focused on running external (for client organizations) and internal (at cFactual) hiring rounds. All hiring roles will involve working closely with our Executive Director, Jona Glade, and our operations team.

We are excited to hire people to join us permanently or to complete a fellowship, where fellows spend 70-90% of their time doing value-adding client or cFactual work and have the rest of their time for upskilling and career exploration. This option is available to both Hiring Lead and Hiring Specialist candidates. You can find more information about the fellowship here.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Please note that these details will vary based on seniority and comparative advantage.

  • Client Work
    • Work directly with leading, high-impact organizations on projects such as:
      • Recruiting for critical roles, such as executives and senior staff
      • Developing and implementing effective hiring strategies
      • Conducting candidate searches, screenings, and interviews
        • Examples of previous hiring rounds that team members have run include searches for a CEO, board members, founders, Heads of Events, and a Director of HR. Additionally, we are currently running hiring processes for numerous leadership roles (including CEO, COO, and Chief of Staff) at newly launched, impact-focused foundations
  • Improving External Hiring Services
    • Hiring Lead: Lead the development and marketing of hiring services offered by cFactual
    • Help cFactual improve its hiring services by exploring new potential offerings and working with clients to define projects that best meet their hiring needs
    • Improve cFactual’s internal talent database and make other improvements to our hiring infrastructure
  • Internal Hiring
    • Improve cFactual's internal hiring processes through process improvement and policy development and implementation
    • Lead internal hiring rounds
  • Other
    • We are a small start-up and we often work on unusually pressing and impactful projects. While we don’t intend for this to be the default way of working, the ideal candidate will be excited to support various cFactual projects — including those not related to hiring — during crunch times

What we are looking for

Please note that we encourage you to apply even if you don't meet all requirements. If you're passionate about our mission and believe you have relevant skills and experience, we'd love to hear from you.


  • Hiring Lead
    • 3+ years of experience in executive search or recruitment at EA or EA-adjacent organizations, including AI safety, AI governance, or EA meta organizations
    • Entrepreneurial mindset and experience, with a keen interest in developing and growing new services or products within the hiring space
    • A proven track record of successfully placing senior leaders and building top-performing teams
    • Experience leading a team and managing recruitment projects from start to finish
    • Strong management skills, including the ability to guide, motivate, and develop team members
    • Experience in hiring as a service, with the ability to develop and implement effective recruitment strategies tailored to client needs
  • Hiring Specialist
    • 1-2 years of experience in recruitment or talent acquisition at EA or EA-adjacent organizations, including AI safety, AI governance, or EA meta organizations
    • A strong understanding of hiring processes and the ability to source and screen candidates effectively

Nice to have

  • Proven experience in developing and launching new recruitment services or successfully creating and growing a business unit within an existing organization
  • Deep expertise in developing and executing comprehensive recruitment strategies, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, and closing top talent
  • Significant experience managing multiple complex search projects simultaneously while delivering exceptional results

Other abilities and attributes we look for

  • Exceptional leadership and management skills
  • Highly entrepreneurial, excited to build new strategies and services
  • Extremely strong attention to detail
  • Epistemic humility and deep, independent, transparent reasoning — we prioritize getting it right over speed
  • Clear, calibrated communication with reasoning transparency in writing and speech
  • Comfort disagreeing and seeking truth via direct discussion
  • Direct and open feedback style
  • Growth orientation, focusing on impact
  • Ability to create positive culture and relationships with clients and candidates
  • Excitement about maximizing impact through effective hiring

Compensation and logistics

Compensation: The salary for this role is variable based on candidate experience, location, and scope of work. Applicants based in London can expect the range to fall between 40,000–50,000 USD per year for Hiring Specialists / Fellows and 50,000–95,000 USD for Hiring Leads / Fellows. We use an internal salary calculator to ensure fair wages within the team but we are open to negotiating the upper bound for candidates who are an exceptional fit and are likely to make exceptional contributions to organizational development. Essentially, we don’t want people to not apply to us because of salary concerns but we also primarily want staff motivated by the impact they can have in our roles.


  • We offer a comprehensive, location-adjusted benefits package to ensure that our employees' essential needs are met through income adjustment. This includes quality healthcare coverage and other critical benefits, tailored to the employee's country of residence
  • We provide an annual learning and development budget of up to 2,000 USD (pro-rated for fellows) and a 10% time allocation for personal growth and high-impact projects, with flexibility for particularly compelling opportunities
  • We provide extensive networking opportunities and career capital through exposure to senior staff and high-stakes projects with leading EA organizations
  • We have a humble, focused, and sustainable high-performance culture
  • As a startup, we offer unique opportunities to work closely with cFactual's executive staff and contribute to a wide range of impactful tasks and projects

This might be a great opportunity for you to have an outsized counterfactual impact within a dynamic start-up environment.

Work Location: We anticipate that successful candidates will be based remotely, and place no constraints on location aside from a 2-hour overlap of the workday with Central European Summer Time (GMT+2). cFactual’s current and future staff are based in various countries, but we try to co-locate regularly at client sites, in our respective cities, or before and after EAG conferences. cFactual staff are encouraged to travel for work roughly 4-12x per year depending on client needs.

Sponsorship: In many circumstances, we may not be able to sponsor employment visas. However, we are willing to explore this on a case-by-case basis with any candidate. If you would need an employment visa for a role at cFactual, please email [email protected] and we will look into your specific circumstance.

Start date: Late summer / early fall (Northern Hemisphere)

Term: We want to hire the most promising candidates and are willing to tailor working conditions based on your needs. Hence, we are open to full-time, part-time, or project-based contracting structures. We are also open to working with you as a fellow (e.g., during a leave from your current role for 1-6 months), or with colleagues doing a tour of duty for 1 year.

Application process

Please submit your application here.

The selection process will consist of an application screening, an offline work test, an interview, reference checks and a 1- or 2-day paid work trial, where you’ll work with us on real hiring projects.


The deadline to submit your application is July 21st, 2024.

cFactual is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability status, or any other protected characteristics. Our employment decisions—including those related to hiring, benefits and compensation, and employment separation—are based on individual merits and qualifications, rather than irrelevant or discriminatory factors. If you require any accommodations due to disability or religious practices, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

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