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Conducive Space for Peace (CSP) is hiring a Senior Adviser to strengthen our work in pursuing change in the global peacebuilding system.

The Senior Adviser will play a key role in organisational change processes both within and beyond CSP. This will on the one hand imply contributing to CSPs work of accompanying organisations in the global peacebuilding system in transforming their ways of working to shift power to local peacebuilders, and on the other hand in supporting CSPs own efforts to walk the talk and be fit for the task of shifting power and facilitating systems change globally. Conducive Space for Peace was established with the intention to do things differently and invent new ways of organising and working that shift power in the global peacebuilding system and creates a more enabling space for local peacebuilders. At a time when the global context is prompting change in organisational landscapes, it is critically important that we, as a relatively new organisation with the aspiration to facilitate change, is ready to take lead in inventing and executing these new ways of working.

As Senior Adviser, you will become part of a team of 9 ambitious change makers holding 7 different nationalities and located in 4 different countries. CSP is a five-year old organisation that stands on solid ground with long-term funding, strong partners, and an extensive global network. Innovation for systems change and holding the space for people with different perspectives to come together around such endeavours, is the DNA of the organisation. We strive to be fit for the task, aligned with our values, and dynamically adapting with the shifting context.

CSP strives to embody the change that we pursue, which means that we hold dignity, equity, and integrity at the core of our engagement and way of working. As part of the change process, we seek diversity within the organisation and within the broader institutional framework with which we engage. We encourage relevant candidates from all areas of the world to apply. While CSP operates effectively through virtual means thus giving access to a broader range of candidates for our positions, this particular position requires frequent engagement with people at the office in Copenhagen, thus either relocating or bimonthly travels to Copenhagen will be required.

Background of CSP

CSP is an international NGO, based mainly in Denmark, with the mission to contribute to the transformation of the global peacebuilding system in a manner that changes the structures, attitudes and processes of collaboration and creating a more enabling space for local agency and power in peacebuilding. Through our long-term engagement in the peace and development fields, we have seen how the current ways of working are not supporting local peacebuilding as well as it could. On the contrary, the ‘system’ is often not providing the funding, flexibility, predictability, and space for local actors to lead the development and peacebuilding process in their own context. We have made it our mission to change this in order to create an enabling space for local actors to build sustainable peace.

CSP catalyses joint engagement among change agents to create evidence that builds momentum for change and forms the basis for innovative action and for leveraging change. Accompanying and supporting change agents in leveraging change is key to CSP’s approach of creating spaces that connect change agents to become part of a ‘community’ of change makers. With a focus on creating platforms for collective action among change agents, at the global and country-levels, CSP catalyses, strengthens and scales innovative and transformative initiatives so that they contribute to broader systemic transformation.

The global context today is changing, and CSP is intended and mandated to take on a co-creation role in transforming the system that supports peacebuilding and development in conflict affected countries. And we hold the aspiration to be a strong catalyst for change through developing new thinking and ideas, creating innovative spaces for dialogue about change, and daring to take the lead in accompanying this change process.

The roles and responsibilities of the Senior Adviser

The Senior Adviser will have equal attention to internal organisational systems change and ways of working as to external systems change processes. Since its inception, CSP has focused intensely on walking the talk and ensuring that all organisational processes align with the values we hold: Equality, respect, dignity, trust, and reciprocity. We learn from our intra-organisational striving to live the values we hold and be fit for purpose for changing the broader system. And we share this learning among change agents globally.

The Senior Adviser will be part of a small team consisting of the Director, two Senior Advisers, a Programme Adviser, three Programme Officers, a Financial Manager and an additional support staff. The Senior Adviser will report to and work closely with the Director in taking responsibility for the following:

  • Provide process leadership for developing an innovative organisational structure that meets the needs of local peacebuilders in new and better ways than what is the case in the mainstream development field.
  • Inspire the development/facilitation of a broader network-based framework through which CSP can contribute to this change agenda.
  • Hold the torch in ensuring that CSP’s organisational systems and processes are continuously developed to make the organisation fit for purpose and works in effective and appropriate ways according to our mandate and values.
  • Creatively ensure that the organisation ‘walks the talk’ and upholds the values of equity, dignity, and integrity at the centre of its ‘way of working’, in its staff composition, internal procedures, way of collaborating, etc.
  • Create a foundation for CSP to establish, and help others establish, relevant accountability mechanisms and processes by challenging current notions of accountability.
  • Catalyse flow in all operational aspects of the organisation’s work.
  • Support processes of accompanying organisational change among actors within the global peacebuilding system including bilateral donors, private foundations and/or INGOs.
  • Participate in strategic, analytical, and innovative development processes to further the thinking and practice of the organisation in pursuing systems change.
  • Inspire conceptual development and thought-leadership that will help change agents in the global peacebuilding system take action and shift power to local peacebuilding.

Qualifications and personal competences

The Senior Adviser shall have at least 10 years of experience working on systems change and/or innovate change management preferably also within the peacebuilding and/or development/humanitarian areas. Other qualifications include:

  • Proven record of leading and/or accompanying organisational and broader systems change processes.
  • Innovative systems thinker and practitioner – with profound insight into diverse kinds of systems and change processes possibly including network weaving.
  • Strategic and analytical thinker with a natural interest in reflection and learning.
  • Some experience and knowledge of peacebuilding and development.
  • Excitement towards working in a small team of deeply committed, experienced, multi-national, and mostly young persons with a mission and high standards for professional engagement.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is essential. Fluency or proficiency in French and/or Spanish is an advantage.
  • Commitment to pursue a shift in power towards a more equitable and dignified global peacebuilding and development system.


Salary terms will be determined on the basis of the qualifications of the candidate, Danish labour regulations, and the cost of living in the country of residence/work. The work location of the Senior Adviser is preferably Denmark but can be flexible with some expected travel including to Denmark. The Senior Adviser will be expected to be a full member of the CSP team, and while our intention is for this to be a full-time employment, we are generally open to explore alternative models that may better meet the interests of CSP and the right candidate. The position is a one-year employment with possibility of extension. The successful candidate is requested to start as soon as possible.

Further information

Further information about the position can be obtained by contacting Director Mie Roesdahl: [email protected].

Application and CV

Please submit your application and CV to [email protected] no later than April 9th at 12 noon CET (Central European Time) 2021. The application text should be a maximum of 1,5 pages. Please include “Senior Adviser – Systems Change” in the subject line of the email. First round of interviews will be conducted via Zoom on April 14th and 15th. Please also cite PCDN as the source of the posting in your application.

For more information about Conducive Space for Peace, please consult our website conducivespace.org.

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