This event was held on June 21 from 7 am to 1pm US EST and gathered some of the world’s most talented organizations and professionals hiring and supporting a wide-variety of changemakers advancing careers of impact. We combined our collective experience, reach, and creativity in a highly interactive & engaging online event with hundreds of professionals and students seeking to combine purpose and their career.

Over 35 highly interactive workshops were offered, 30+ social impact exhibitors and participants walked away with new ideas, connections and strategies for all things careers of impact and change.

Do Good + Do Well. While the event has finished the session recordings can be accessed on the event platform.

To access the recordings make a donation to an organization working on covid relief in India, Colombia or other locations. Choose the amount you want to give as well as the organization (or select one we recommend & trust).

Once you register we will provide information on how to access the videos. Note the full list of sessions are below, we have recordings for about 80% of them. The sessions with three *** next to the event name are ones for which recordings are accessible. 

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THE Co-Creater Collaborative

This event is being convened by a group of leading social sector organizations and professionals who are sharing their collective expertise, passion and energy pro-bono to make this the best event possible including:

Select key Employers & Social Impact Orgs who will be Exhibiting

Seeking to reach a global audience of impact professionals?

If you’re an employer, fellowship provider, academic institution, training provider or service provider in the social impact/social change sectors explore why having a virtual booth is a smart choice to reach the right audience. Learn more here

Welcome Fun intro and overview
First Series of Breakout Sessions 10+ sessions on all things careers of impact
Networking & Meetups Meet with your peers, visit chat with social impact orgs in the exhibit hall
Second series of breakout sessions 10+ sessions on all things careers of impact
Networking & Meetups Meet with your peers, visit chat with social impact orgs in the exhibit hall
Third series of breakout sessions 10+ sessions on all things careers of impact
Closing Keynote Key Thoughts on the future of work and impact careers
Open Networking & Visit Exhibtors Last hour open networking & chatting with exhibitors

Full conference program

The Breakout Sessions (recordings are available for sessions with three ***)

***Sustainable talent: what the organizations that are changing the world are looking for, Rafa Achondo, CEO

***Resumes for Impact, Lucille Jade Galvan,Career Services Director

***Finding Direction and Connecting with Purpose, Geraldine Hepp, Global Community Director

***Hacking Your Skillset While Doing Good, Erin Aucar, DC Regional Engagement Manager

Networking for Impact Toolkit, Dan Kieran, Career Coach

***Building a career at the intersection of the private sector and the SDGs, Noha Hefny, Founder & CEO People of Impact, Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur, Global Consultant, Speaker & Co-author

Crafting Your Impact Story, Surabhi Lal, Adjunct Professor at NYU, host of SIPS & Leadership, Founder of SLC Collaborative Ventures

***How to Navigate a Generalist Career Path, Gretchen Ehle, Director of Business Development

Wellbeing at the Center of Our Response to Education, Jigyasa Labroo, Co-Founder & CEO

***Transitioning to the Social Sector, Alam Bains, Associate Director at India for Social Sector Leaders

***Working with Recruiters, Everything you Wanted to Know, Emily Davila, Head of Research

Mission & Money. Linking Your Values, Personal Finances & Your Career. Craig Zelizer, Founder & CEO,  Catalina Rojas, Director of Innovation

Careers in Peacebuilding and Countering Violent Extremism, Abdirashid Hussein, Senior Consultant

***Careers in Sustainability & Green Jobs in the Global South, Manuela Guzman, Inspiration Leader

Lead with Peace & Purpose, Mandar Apte, Executive Director 

***Building Personal Brand& Thought Leadership, ElsaMarie D’Silva, Founder

***3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your International Career, Kyle KingManaging Director

***From the Amish Country to Asia: How I Ended Up Here through International Development, Joseph TruongSupervisory Development Outreach and Communications Officer

Building a Career at the Intersection of Profit & Purpose, Lynn Yap, Author & Managing Director of Actv8


***Networking and Skills for Social Impact, Leadership team, Satyam Vyas, Rahul Balakrishnan &  Ridhika Bagga

***#nickatnoon LinkedInJob Search Trends, Nick Martin, CEO

***Before you Help: Identifying your Positionality, Privilege & Power, Katie Fuhs, Operations and Program Officer

Seeing Peace: Helping Interfaith Work and Peacebuilding Collaborate. Dr. Father William Headley, Founding Dean

Careers in CSR: How
to Transition: Anna Derinova-
Hartmann, Community Engagement & CSR

***Strategies for reinventing your career, Pauline Ndonga, Senior Program Manager

Uncovering your North Star Laura Francios, Co-Founder of impact enterprise program, The Spaceship, mentor at Fashion For Good Mumbai and The Bridge Fashion Incubator Singapore

How to write an Effective Global Health Resume, Malika Mirkahanova, Outreach & Recruitment Strategist

Careers in Sport for Social Change: Untapped Resources and Opportunities, Dr. Alexis Lyras, Senior Fellow , Founder at Olympism 4 Humanity

Youth, Economic Opportunities & Trends in Careers. Imane El Ouizgani, Professor of Human Resource Management

***Playing Proxy (or a structured approach to landing a job in Venture Capital/Innovative Finance), Swarandeep Singh Kambo, Specialist – Sustainable Finance

***Podcasting to Super Charge your Impact Career Options, Paul Zelizer, Founder

***Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Social Impact Job Search, Caroline Ouwerkerk, Principle Career Coach

Using design thinking for advancing your social impact career. Cole Hoover, Director of the Moving Worlds Institute Fellowship


This event is open to students and professionals from entry level job seekers to mid-senior stage professionals seeking to enter the impact sector.  The common thread is a strong focus on to link you career to positive impact in the world. We also welcome career advisors at universities, human resource professionals & employers (please get in contact if your organization would like like to explore having an employer booth at the event)


This event is designed to help a global community of students and professionals while supporting  innovative covid relief efforts. We are doing this event entirely pro-bono, but we are requiring a donation (ideally from $5 to $35 USD) to an organization focused on covid relief and/or economic development. During the registration process we list a number of key vetted orgs and you’re also welcome to choose one in your own country.

The Career Popup will take place on Airmeet.com