Ep7 S12 Leading with Heart: Akiera Gilbert on Impactful Careers in Mental Health

Summary & Key Takeways

In this episode learn from the career journey of Akiera Gilbert the CEO of Project HEAL. She has more than a decade of dedication to changemaking and social impact and is a pivotal figure in the transformation of mental healthcare access and services.

Why You Should Listen:

  • Advocacy in Action: Dive into Project HEAL's vital mission with Akiera at the helm, delivering comprehensive care for those facing eating disorders.
  • Community Healing: Learn about the supportive environments that Akiera has helped shape, from the inception of Body Reborn to the growth of Project HEAL, which prioritize healing and support for communities of color.
  • Paths of Impact: Discover Akiera’s journey from working at leading social impaxct organizations including Echoing Green to leading an influential organization as its CEO.
  • Wellness for All: Uncover the significance of crafting mental health strategies that meet the diverse needs of different communities.
  • Care and Compassion: Understand how Project HEAL's care model is forging new paths and offering hope through its services.
  • Career Synergy: Explore the rich landscape of career opportunities that merge innovation, health, and meaningful work, as exemplified by Akiera's extensive experience.

Bio: Akiera (she/her) brings a decade of experience in changemaking and social impact to her role as a mental health advocate and leader. As CEO of Project HEAL, she oversees a range of services from clinical assessments to community care, all reflecting her commitment to care and community. Akiera’s prior initiative, Body Reborn, laid the foundation for creating intersectional community healing. Her extensive background enriches her work, allowing her to forge impactful partnerships and drive meaningful progress both in the U.S. and around the world.

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