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Embark on a Mission for Peace: Kent State's Transformative MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

Craig Zelizer

November 13, 2023
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Born of Tragedy, Rising in Hope

Kent State University holds a profound place in history, known worldwide for the tragedy of May 4, 1970, when four students lost their lives protesting the Vietnam War. From the tragedy of that day emerged a commitment to teach and empower future generations through peace education. The School of Peace and Conflict Studies honors this legacy, equipping students with the knowledge and courage to build a more just world.

A Pioneering Institution in Peace Education

As one of the few dedicated Schools of Peace and Conflict Studies in the world, we are deeply committed to advancing positive impact through our academic programs and research initiatives. Our mission is to create a global community of scholars and practitioners who work collaboratively to tackle the most pressing challenges in peace and conflict, and to foster sustainable peace at all levels of society.

Immerse Yourself in Rigorous Scholarship and Real-World Expertise

Our faculty are not only scholars but also seasoned practitioners in the field of peace and conflict. Immerse yourself in rigorous scholarship and real-world expertise with our distinguished faculty at Kent State. Some of our key faculty include Dr. Landon Hancock, an expert in local peacebuilding and Dr. Sara Koopman, who specializes in gender and peace. Dive into environmental peacebuilding with Dr. Elaine Hsiao, and explore the political economy of civil conflicts with Dr. Neil Cooper, the Director of the School of Peace and Conflict Studies. Alongside them, Dr. Tatsushi Arai, a mediator in international conflicts, and Dr. Johanna Solomon, known for her work in community dialogue, contribute to a curriculum that is theoretically rich and practically oriented, preparing you for the complexities of peace and conflict in our contemporary world. This diverse expertise ensures a curriculum that is both academically rigorous and rich in practical application.

Gain Skills to Ignite Change in Your Community and Beyond

This program is committed to helping changemakers  develop the skills needed to advance peace in a complex world. Students learn

  • Analytical skills to dissect the roots of conflicts and guide your peacebuilding strategies.
  • Cross-cultural communication techniques vital for bridging divides.
  • Strategies for just, ethical leadership in volatile environments.
  • Practical know-how to design and execute real-world programs that foster reconciliation and healing.

Seize the Opportunity: Deadlines and Competitive Funding

The journey to becoming a peacebuilder with Kent State begins with your application. We encourage prospective students to apply early to secure their place and funding opportunities. The priority deadline for applications is March 1st for Fall enrollment, with a final deadline of April 15th. Funding opportunities, including graduate assistantships, are highly competitive and offer not only tuition coverage but also a stipend. 

Answer the Call to Lead Change

With ideological extremes hardening and conflicts raging, the world needs ethical, strategic peacebuilders now more than ever. Kent State's MA in Peace and Conflict Studies equips you with the expertise and courage to answer this call. If you envision a career driving positive change, we invite you to apply and embark on this life-changing journey.

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