Do not spend the next 20 years paying your student loan! Check out the Amazing & Affordable Graduate Programs at the University for Peace

Do not spend the next 20 years paying your student loan! Check out the Amazing & Affordable Graduate Programs at the University for Peace

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Did you know that, according to FinAid.org, the average cost of a master’s degree for students in the USA is between $30,000 and $120,000?

How long would it take you to pay that off?

One of the benefits of pursuing your master’s degree at the University for Peace is that you’ll spend the years following the conclusion of your studies working for PEACE, not paying off your student loans. For $19,500, you can spend a year in Costa Rica, on a campus designed to make your experience as enriching as possible.

UPEACE offers graduate programs in the fields of International Law, Human Rights, Environment and Development, Peace and Conflict Studies, Gender, and Peace Education, among other specializations. Our campus is strategically located in San Jose, Costa Rica, which abolished its army in 1948 and recently set a world record for the most consecutive days of running the national electricity grid with renewable energy only (300 days in a row).

Our students come from all walks of life and all corners of the world, and both their previous experience and the one acquired at UPEACE prepare them to work at international organizations around the world, armed with a global vision and ample multicultural sensitivity.

So whether you want to create an NGO to bring safe drinking water to communities in New Mexico like #UPEACER George McGraw; create a not-for-profit computer science education center in Palestine like #UPEACER Phillip Byars; present your project for world peace at UN Headquarters like #UPEACER Sarah Cowley; build houses for vulnerable populations using recycled plastic blocks like #UPEACER Aude Mulliez; or run a refugee camp in Mosul like #UPEACER Hovig Etyemezian, the University for Peace can give you the tools to make that happen and make a lasting change.

Take the plunge, study at the University for Peace!

Reach out to us for more information:

Email:                      [email protected]

Website:                https://www.upeace.org/

Facebook:             UniversityforPeace

LinkedIn:               University for Peace (UPEACE)

Twitter:                  @UPEACE

Instagram:            universityforpeace

YouTube:               University for Peace (UPEACE)






Craig Zelizer

Craig Zelizer

Dr. Craig Zelizer is the Founder of PCDN.global, which connects a global community of changemakers to the tools, community and opportunities to build careers of impact and scale change. He has strong experience in the development sector, academia and social entrepreneurship. From 2005 to 2016 he served as a professor in the Conflict Resolution program at Georgetown University (where he still teaches). He has led trainings, workshops and consultancies in over 20 countries organizations including with USIP, USAID, CRS, Rotary International and others. Craig is a recognized leader in the social sector field. He has received several awards including George Mason’s School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution’s alumni of the year award and an alumni career achievement award from Central European University. Dr. Zelizer spent two years in Hungary as Fulbright Scholar and was a Boren Fellow in Bosnia. He has published widely on peacebuilding, entrepreneurship, and innovation in higher education.
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