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Become a Leader for the Common Good

The Civic Engagement master’s degree at Claremont Lincoln University is now enrolling students for the Summer 2018 term starting in July. The 100% online program produces graduates who are prepared to transform communities, neighborhoods, and regions by facilitating collective, innovative solutions.

This graduate program is much more than furthering special interests and individual desires or acting only when threatened; this is why CLU defines civic leadership as the means to create mutual understanding of the responsibilities of diverse constituencies in democratic self-governance who act in unison to pursue a common, public good.

Program Highlights:

  • Tuition: $15,000
  • Location: 100% Online
  • Program Length: 15 Months (full-time)
  • Accreditation: WASC Senior College & University Commission
  • Designed for working professionals who have a full-time job. No need to relocate or put your career on hold.

What You Will Learn:

The M.A. in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Civic Engagement aligns with the mission of Claremont Lincoln University to produce leaders capable of respecting differences and collaborating with those of different viewpoints to resolve problems.

  • Conflict Resolution: Assess the cause of conflict in organizational settings and apply strategies to resolve and leverage conflict in diverse environments.
  • Engagement: Evaluate the strengths and limitations of government, civic engagement, and public participation and the distinct roles of each in a representative democracy.
  • Policy: Identify the elements of and develop the capability to, craft sound policy and programs driven by citizen participation.
  • Civic Leadership: Analyze the strategies of engagement and apply appropriate strategies to lead people to effectively work together for sustainable results in the civic arena.
  • Action Research: Research, design, develop, and implement a capstone project plan to affect positive change in an organization.

The CLU Difference – The Claremont Core®

Engagement Skills for Creating Sustainable Impact

In an increasingly interconnected world, leaders who want to make positive social change need to develop collaborative skills for reaching across traditional barriers of ideology, culture, and faith. CLU cultivates these capabilities in their graduate degrees through what they call the Claremont Core®, a sequence of four innovative courses in Mindfulness, Dialogue, Collaboration, and Change.

Apply Now – Classes Start July 9th, 2018

Learn more about Civic Engagement by visiting CLU’s website or contacting them directly at [email protected] or 909-667-4444

Craig Zelizer

Craig Zelizer

Dr. Craig Zelizer is the Founder of PCDN.global, which connects a global community of changemakers to the tools, community and opportunities to build careers of impact and scale change. He has strong experience in the development sector, academia and social entrepreneurship. From 2005 to 2016 he served as a professor in the Conflict Resolution program at Georgetown University (where he still teaches). He has led trainings, workshops and consultancies in over 20 countries organizations including with USIP, USAID, CRS, Rotary International and others. Craig is a recognized leader in the social sector field. He has received several awards including George Mason’s School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution’s alumni of the year award and an alumni career achievement award from Central European University. Dr. Zelizer spent two years in Hungary as Fulbright Scholar and was a Boren Fellow in Bosnia. He has published widely on peacebuilding, entrepreneurship, and innovation in higher education.
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