E17S10 Architecture as a Catalyst for Positive Social Transformation: The Power of Sustainable Design

Summary & Key Takeways

Whether you are interested in architecture, sustainability, or entrepreneurship, there is something for everyone in this episode.

Our guest, Andrea Orrego, founder of Atelier App is a third-generation architect and sustainability advocate, dedicated to making an impact through design. Andrea takes us on a journey through her experiences in the field and shares her insights on driving positive change through eco-friendly home design. From her early career challenges to her passion for sustainability, Andrea's story is both inspiring and informative. Join us as we explore the intersection of architecture, design, and social impact. 

Key Takeaways from the episode:

  1. Architecture as a service-oriented profession: Most architects want to make a positive impact, whether it's on an individual's home or an entire community. Get inspired by how design can create social change!
  2. The rise of sustainable design: With the American Institute of Architects urging firms to strive for net zero or as green as possible by 2030, sustainability is becoming the standard. Discover the opportunities and challenges in this growing trend.
  3. Building a purpose-driven business: Learn from Andrea's journey of creating Atelier app, a home design, visualizer, and marketplace for eco-friendly brands. Explore the potential of creating economic development while promoting sustainability.

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