E12S12 Balancing Act: Navigating a Career in Technology, Mindfulness & Social Impact

Summary & Key Takeways

How can mindfulness and tech bring about positive social change?

We dive into this when our host Dr. Craig Zelizer, explores this and much more with our guest leading tech innovator, impact investor, artists and amazing human being Vanessa Ferliano.

The conversation centered in the intersection of technology, mindfulness, and social impact. Vanessa’s rich experience in med-tech startups, impact investing, organizing and creativity, her deep experience integrating well-being practices with a purpose-driven career as well as key tips for upskilling for impact careers is a terrific listen.

Her work goes beyond just building profitable companies. She's dedicated to developing long-term, meaningful strategies that make us rethink what success really means and what matters most in our careers and lives.

Why Take A Listen:

- Mindfulness and Resilience: Gain insights into how Vanessa's adoption of yoga and meditation practices has been instrumental in her career journey, providing her with the strength to navigate personal challenges and professional demands.

- Societal Impact: Hear about the her role in supporting impact ventures, highlighting how investing in startups can drive positive change while achieving financial returns, especially in areas aligned with the UN Sustainability Goals.

- Reimagining Success: Discover how Vanessa's approach to success goes beyond financial metrics, advocating for sustainability, community engagement, and a more holistic measure of accomplishment in the tech industry.

- Inclusive Investing: Learn about the democratization of investing, hearing stories like the Canadian start-up that offered investment opportunities to everyday people, raising significant funds in a matter of hours.

- Authentic Journeys: Follow Vanessa's transition from the medical and corporate innovation to supporting impact investing and startups, demonstrating the importance of aligning personal values with professional aspirations.

Bio: With over a decade of experience in innovation and investing, Vanessa has established unique opportunities for both accredited and non-accredited investors dedicated to social and community impact. Her career highlights include raising $775K in just 36 hours through an award-winning enterprise platform; and $100K in three months for a community-driven impact fund focusing on purpose-driven ventures in Atlantic Canada.

Beyond her efforts in democratizing investment, Vanessa is deeply engaged in using her artistry to reconnect communities with their humanity. She is a multi-award-winning author and the host of "The Human Challenge", a podcast highlighted in Amazon Music x ACAST’s “Indie Podcast Amplifier 2023”. Additionally, she is a certified 200-hour meditation teacher on Insight Timer.

Through initiatives including The Being Human Foundation and 8 Billion Voices, Vanessa offers a mindful approach to community building, blending mindfulness with arts and culture. Her graceful nature and soft yet powerful leadership style have made significant impacts, earning her features in national and international news outlets such as CTV, CityNews, and on a Times Square Billboard in January 2023.

Vanessa’s journey underscores her influence on society and serves as a powerful reminder of how embracing our humanity through leadership can bring transformative change.

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