E11S12 Espresso Yourself: Merging Coffee, Tech, and Social Impact

Summary & Key Takeways

How do you take your coffee?

How about your Masters in Coffee? 

How can you bring about social change with coffee?

In Episode 11 (Season 12) of The Social Change Career Podcast, we brew a fresh pot of conversation serving you a blend of coffee, technology, and social impact. Grab a cup and settle in as we chat with Elisa Criscione, founder and CEO of Digital Coffee Future as shares how tech innovations are stirring up the traditional coffee industry and bringing positive change to coffee growers around the world.

Why You Should Listen:

- Espresso Meets Tech: Discover how Elisa Crisone's Digital Coffee Future merges the worlds of coffee and technology to advocate for a fairer, more sustainable coffee industry.

- Bean Counting: Learn about the challenges facing the coffee supply chain—from the perspective of small-scale growers—and the initiatives aiming to ensure they receive a more equitable share of the pie.

- A Filter for Fairness: Understand the complexities of sustainability in the coffee sector, and how adopting local, smaller-scale practices can make a big difference.

- Global Grind: Explore the strategies being brewed to navigate economic sustainability, climate change, and the migration of coffee farmers, with a view towards securing a more resilient future for the industry.

- Steam-Powered Success: Peek into Elisa's professional journey, including her educational foundation in food policy, driving her passion for effecting change in food and agriculture through tech innovations. as well as recommendations for advancing a career of impact.

Elisa's Bio

Elisa is the Founder and CEO of Digital Coffee Future, a knowledge hub for coffee digitalization information in the industry. She is also the Founder and Lead Consultant of Expressing Origin, a consultancy whose mission is to support tropical agriculture stakeholders to develop tailor-made solutions, with a special emphasis on coffee and digitalization.

Before fully dedicating herself to a career in coffee, she deepened her understanding of the application of digital solutions in agriculture in Ghana and worked in Colombia in the sustainable development arena where she first entered into contact with coffee. She holds a Master in Coffee Economics and Science from the University of Trieste, an MSc in Food Policy from the City University of London and a BSc in Food and Agriculture from the University of Gastronomic Sciences. She speaks Italian, English, and Spanish.

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