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Call for nominations for the ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2019

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May 15, 2019

Nominations for the award may be submitted until June 13th.

The ICIP has announced the call for nominations for the ninth edition of the ICIP Peace in Progress Award. This prize aims to publicly recognize individuals, entities or institutions that, in an outstanding and extensive manner, have worked and contributed to the promotion and building of peace.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Thursday June 13. Nominations must be delivered it to the ICIP office at Carrer Tapineria 10, 3a planta, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.

The ICIP Peace in Progress Award consists of public recognition, a sculpture created by the Nobel Peace Prize winner, artist and activist, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, called Porta del sol, and 6,000 euros.

In previous editions, the award was granted to the Mexican organization Cauce Ciudadano (2018), the activist Arcadi Oliveres (2017), Peace Brigades International (2016), the Capuchin friar Joan Botam (2015), WILPF (2014), the ex-general Jovan Divjak  (2013), Madres de Soacha (2012), and the struggle of conscientious objectors and "insubmisos" (people who refuse to do military service or any substitute social work) represented by Pepe Beúnza. The same year, the Parliament of Catalonia was honored with an extraordinary edition of the award.

Linked  you can find the Summary of the Criteria and the Nomination Form

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